A New Road for Our Business and Yours

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As an established business coaching, website design, SEO and marketing company located in Bergen County New Jersey for the past 15 years, we have come to a crossroads, as every business does, at least a few times in their lifetime.

Maureen McCullough LLC is making the transition from actively doing the website design, the SEO and the marketing to what we really love to do ........ business coaching and mentoring. What does that mean for you, the small business owner?

It means we are dedicating ourselves totally to teaching you all the facets you need to know, literally soup to nuts, about running your business entirely yourself. This goes from building or remodeling your website to opening an e-commerce store, to learning how to do SEO for maximum search engine visibility, to learning how to do branding, marketing, social media and oh so much more.

There is a way to do these things, often haphazardly, and then there is a way to do them for maximum benefit and success for your particular business model. We teach you one on one, step by step, how to reap maximum rewards for your business, do things cost effectively for your budget, avoid wasting time and more importantly, avoid making costly mistakes that set you back and put a nasty dent in your budget.

If you are a local small business, start up business, or career professional transitioning to working at home with your own business, in Bergen, Morris or Sussex County New Jersey, give us a call today to see how we can help you with our affordable business coaching and mentoring program. We offer a free 20 minute phone consultation. What do you have to lose? More importantly, you could have a lot to gain!

Call us today at 201.880.4905!