Fort Lee New Jersey - do you sell on Amazon and / or eBay? Would you like to increase conversions and sales?

Businesses who are serious about success on Amazon and eBay rely on Maureen McCullough LLC as their SEO and Marketing Consultant. Why?

Maureen McCullough LLC has years of experience with both eBay and Amazon and knows what it takes to position your product and your brand for success. The key to our success with our clients is that our work is geared towards helping each seller develop a plan that works for them and for their individual business model.

Big box venues such as Amazon and eBay can vastly increase your bottom line plus your visibility to your target audience. You can increase sales and branch out to other venues as well.

The possibilities are endless, but only if you know what you are doing. And since you are busy running your business, you cannot possibly keep with all the intricate ins and outs of SEO and marketing. 

Whether you are a new seller or a somewhat experienced seller on either venue, there will be gaps in your knowledge base and your experience. Those gaps can cost you money, time, product and reputation. That is why you hire an Amazon eBay SEO and Marketing consultant who will guide you through rankings, reputation management, A+ content, brand registry, targeting competitors, branding, targeting your niche and much more.

You can start basic, and add more features as your business grows. It's that simple.

What's in it for you - an overview of our Amazon eBay SEO and Marketing Services:

  • Amazon SEO and eBay SEO - 2 completely different versions of SEO
  • Ranking Factors
  • Good Reviews - Enhanced Reputation Management - Handling Negative Reviews
  • Being a 1P or 3P Seller - which is more beneficial to your particular business model
  • A+ Content in your 1P product listings - do you want the customers or not?
  • Brand Content and Brand Registry for your 3P product listings - improve conversions, improve sales
  • Product descriptions that sell
  • Customized SEO for your particular product niche and target audience
  • Appropriate use of creatives for display advertising
  • Appropriate focus on your target market, your niche, and new target markets you had not considered
  • A/B Split testing to evaluate different marketing options and strategies for your business model
  • Pricing and Re-Pricing to find the sweet spot for your target market
  • Appropriate usage of organic long tail keywords to target your market and your niche for more sales
  • Branding that makes you stand out from all others in the crowd - it's not all about having the lowest prices ............
  • Customer Focused sales strategies - no customers, no sales. Marketing gimmicks, contests and giveaways don't cut it.
  • We are particular about whom we work with. Our clients must want to grow their business and position it for success. We can help.

Call or text us today at 201.753.1677 today. We work with your budget to develop a plan that will work long term with you now, and down the line as you grow. Together, let's leave your competition in the dust......