Amazon sellers who want business success use expert, personalized niche SEO strategies with titles, keywords, descriptions, marketing and more.

Why? It's all about search engine visibility. Search Engine Visibility = Sales = Success.  Even though Amazon is NOT a niche venue, your Amazon business will benefit from a niche SEO and Marketing strategy designed just for your Amazon store and your listings.

Increasing your Amazon store and product visibility on both the Amazon and Google search engines results in increasing your Amazon sales.

You’ve read a gazillion tutorials, guides, and helpful documentation on the subject, yet, you’re still nowhere near where you want to be as far as sales and income.

What is an Amazon seller or store owner to do? (Besides tearing out your hair or giving up, which, by the way, is simply NOT an option.)

Soldier on my friends and keep the faith. By hiring an experienced SEO expert, your goal of more search engine visibility, more traffic, and more sales is within reach. Let’s get that going for you.

What is the benefit of deciding to work with Maureen McCullough LLC, in business for 20 years with a proven reputation and client retention rate of 90%?

We draw up an SEO and Marketing plan tailored specifically to the needs of YOUR business which is completely unique. Your Amazon business needs and deserves a customized plan of action so we can help take your business to the next level of success. This is what we do for all our clients throughout the United States.

As your Amazon Consultant and Business Coach, you'll want to know exactly what our SEO and Marketing plan includes. Here is an overview.

  • 20 years of search engine optimization experience, with a thorough understanding of how search engines operate.
  • Carving out a niche for you and your products.
  • Outlining a relevant SEO and Marketing plan for your particular Amazon business with your input.
  • Identification of three main competitors.
  • Extensive longtail keyword research and relevant usage in your listings of keywords people actually use. (The exact same research technique we use with Etsy and eBay clients.)
  • Minimizing tirekickers who come to your listings and leave because it's not what they thought it was. This brings your rankings down. We want them to go up.
  • Move on to Amazon titles, keywords and descriptions again tailored to your particular Amazon store and product listings.
  • A “freshness” schedule for your listings. You are rewarded by both Amazon and Google for freshness with improved search engine visibility resulting in traffic.
  • A solid SEO conversion strategy. Which will be tweaked as often as necessary until we achieve what we call "sweet spot" success.
  • Utilizing Social Media and landing pages as part of your SEO visibility strategy.
  • Regular evaluations of all strategies to see which ones are working for you and which aren’t plus appropriate Plan B’s and tweaking.
  • Solid Branding reinforcement across all of your venues. Graphic design that establishes YOUR BRAND to the world.

Be advised that there is no quick fix or magic pill to SEO whether involving Etsy, Amazon, eBay or Google.

Because of our extensive experience with longtail keywords, we have had good results that come up in searches as quickly as 2 weeks to 2 months. Some results happen almost immediately.

Google is cautious about who gets higher ranking and about the quality of the content that gets the higher ranking which is why we do extensive research in your niche area first.

Over 20 years we have learned what works, and what doesn’t, despite all the many algorithm changes and the many fads in SEO that have come and gone.

There are tried and true strategies that always work. And that’s what we work with. Otherwise we wouldn’t still be in business after 20 years when many of our competitors have become dust in the wind.

Give us a call or text us today at 201.753.1677 to get started. Maureen McCullough LLC offers a free 20 minute consultation over the phone to help you decide if our dedicated SEO services are a good fit for you.