Andrew Hoffman Therapy

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Andrew Hoffman has been a client of ours for several years. He first came to us on the recommendation of another client who was also a therapist in the mental health field.

We redesigned his website to his very exacting specifications, capturing his vision of a very clean cut, minimalist and easy to navigate / read website.

Andrew recently came back to us after having thought about our suggestion to put more content on his site - specifically his service offerings. He supplied us with the content for each of his services, which explain the service and his approach to counseling and therapy.

After a few content tweaks, his pages were ready to go!

We then re-worked the SEO on his website, to not only take advantage of the great new page content but also to geo-target much more specifically his desired client area.

Andrew Hoffman Therapy now has a website that has great content, advanced SEO and geo targeted SEO, perfect for the search engines and for more potential clients finding his site.

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