Business Development A/B Testing and Market Analysis

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Maureen McCullough LLC helps business owners in Bergen, Morris and Sussex County New Jersey with their business development and market analysis needs.

A/B testing is one of the mega tools in the toolkit of the small business owner. Any business size, actually, however, since our agency caters to small businesses, for the point of this article, our thoughts are geared towards the small business owner.

Small business owners do not generally have the time to conduct A/B testing, and if they do, they frequently do not conduct it with the thorough and analytical approach it needs in order to beneficial for their small business. Many times money is spent randomly trying different approaches to see if anything works as far as bringing in traffic and sales.

Fortunately for your small business in Bergen, Morris and Sussex County New Jersey, Maureen McCullough LLC can not only save you wasted time, effort and money but we can also steer you to appropriate best practices and towards what really will work for your company.

Without getting highly technical, A/B testing uses two variations of a selected website page or email campaign or advertisement. The whole point of A/B testing is to enhance the user experience so that you gauge the response you get to each variation or variable, and choose which variable or variation is the more effective one for your audience.

The current website page, email campaign, or advertisement is your baseline. We show you how to enhance and improve your A and B versions, create effective Calls for Action for both, and target your audience by segmentation.

What’s at stake is bounce rate or drop off rate, click through rate, the purchase funnel (which variable resulted in more sales or phone calls), and the sense of urgency you created to encourage your audience to respond. The bottom line is how you have affected your user’s behavior and their response.

If it’s a website, perhaps you are not using the proper color psychology, and the colors are clashing or a turn off, perhaps the website navigation is too difficult for user’s to find what they want, perhaps the font(s) being used are difficult for your user’s to read easily on all devices, maybe the layout and images could be improved to present a clear, compelling, attractive user experience.

If it’s your email campaign, the same issues noted above would apply in addition to your call to action. If you have a deadline driven special happening, a deadline driven sale, then the verbiage that is being used in A and B would also be compared to see which generated the better user experience and more clicks, sales, sign ups or phone calls.

Targeting segments in your email campaigns is another valuable tool in your toolbox. By creating targeted segments in your email campaigns, you can further analyze the effectiveness of the campaign and rate of sales, clicks or other interest.

The same philosophy can be applied to the creation of online advertising, whether it is social media, banner advertising or even a banner on your website that is highlighting an event, sale, or other targeted inducements for customers. A/B testing is invaluable to your small business.

Our agency can help you define your entire process, define your goals, and put the A/B testing in process for you. Then we will show you how to separate random events from actual results that can be used in the future to gain more business and sales.

We will also analyze your website, your email campaigns and current strategy, as well as your overall advertising strategy and set you on the right path for growth.

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