HTTPS is Coming Soon. What Does It Mean For YOUR Website?

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Maureen McCullough LLC is committed to helping your business grow and prosper, as our many clients can attest to. We are also committed to your online presence, your website, being as safe and secure as humanly possible.

There are alot of bad guys out there, hackers, content thieves, and more. Let us enlighten you about HTTPS, which is slated to become the default for all websites in 2017, beginning with the implementation of the Chrome browser in version 56 and up. Even if you do not use the Chrome browser, all other browsers have been pushing for this implementation internet-wide. It's time to move to a more secure era.

If your website has a contact form, a payment form, or any means at all of sending communications over the website, you will be needing to have it as secure as possible. HTTPS is how your domain name reads when an SSL certificate has been installed. Your domain goes from http://www.yournamehere dot com to https://www.yournamehere dot com - http:// being the insecure version and https:// being the secure version. Once an SSL certificate has been installed, you also get that green lock, which, when clicked, verifies that you DO indeed own that domain.

Why is proof of domain ownership so important? Because there are unscrupulous individuals that copy websites, redirect your traffic and make the grand attempt to steal from you. Your SSL certificate ensures that your website is authentic and proves ownership.

When a website is not secure, the data transmitted over the forms can be messed with by a hacker and that data can end up in the hands of the hacker. That includes a simple inquiry form where even just basic info like a cell phone number can be transmitted, or an email address. This sets the stage for an email phishing scamĀ or even a phone scam. Yes, people, a phone scam.

One of the latest phone scams going viral across the United States is where the caller asks if you can hear them. Answering "YES" is a mistake. Best thing to do is hang up. Many people don't realize it before it's too late, however, that this is a scam. The scammer copies your voice and your "YES" response or whatever they need, and commit that answer to charging your credit card, or another persons credit card and incurring fraudulent charges. All this because you filled out a form on an insecure website where the data was not encrypted and it got into the wrong hands.

Your SSL certificate ensures your data integrity when forms are used on your website.

An SSL certificate ensures that your website and all of it's communications are encrypted so as not to be used or seen by anyone who should not have access to them. Encryption is a major force preventing unauthorized access of information.

The latest version of the Chrome browser, version 56, to be implemented on or around January 31st, 2017, will very clearly mark your website as NOT SECURE with no SSL certificate installed. This includes any contact forms, payment pages, member login pages, and eventually, down the road, the entire website. Again, if you choose to not install an SSL certificate, and your domain starts with http:// instead of https://, with the final rollout of this security measure on all browsers, your entire website would be labeled NOT SECURE at the top of the browser.

Site visitors and site users may be quite put off by the appearance of the NOT SECURE message, because it will most likely trigger the impression that your website has been compromised, has been hacked, or has some underlying security issues. This is not what any business needs! Whether your business is a service business or a business that sells goods, this can result in losing potential clients or customers. This can be completely devastating to your business. It pays to be proactive, not reactive, and get this taken care of now.

Maureen McCullough LLC can help your business make this important transition, with little or no pain involved. We consider SSL certificates to be a form of insurance. There are three types - Single Domain SSL, Multi Domain SSL and Wildcard SSL. We will help you pick the SSL certificate that is right for your business.

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