Launch of Website

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Happy 4th of July everyone! We hope the entrepreneurial spirit of our Founding Fathers 242 years ago in asserting their independence and creating the startup nation, the United States of America, inspires you to achieve great things with your dreams!

Here at Maureen McCullough LLC we are pleased to begin previewing just a few of the websites we have finished for our clients over the past few months. The first one we would like to show is one of our real estate agents websites called Houses on the Hudson.

In the past we’ve always told any real estate agents that come to us that it is imperative that they market themselves, not just marketing the company they work for. It is difficult enough to get quality targeted leads just through what calls come in and maybe say marketing yourself on Facebook. Having your own custom designed website is absolutely essential to your growing your network, contacts, leads and your business.

That being said, we have just launched Houses on the Hudson for two lovely clients who realized that we as a marketing agency have the background and resources to help them seriously grow their real estate business. We encourage you to take a look around their website, which has gotten many many compliments already, and consider letting us design a custom website for you!

Call or text us today at 201.753.1677 to find out what the marketing experts at Maureen McCullough LLC can do to help your business grow and prosper!