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Maximizing Your Etsy Product Listings

Although there are a ton of help articles out there designed to help Etsy sellers maximize their product listings, many Etsy sellers are still confused and / or not sure how to best maximize their listings.

Here are a few practical tips to help Etsy sellers out:

  • Take the absolute best product pictures you can.
  • If shooting outdoors, take advantage of the natural glare free light of a cloudy day. That's right! Bright sunshine casts shadows and picks up and reflects surrounding colors that may not be the best surrounding for your products. Put up white background or use a photo box and shoot your pictures on a bright but cloudy day. Notice if you are casting any sort of shadow and reposition yourself.
  • If shooting indoors, use photo lamps and bulbs, use a white background or photo box, AND take advantage of natural light from a window. If your photos are picking up a greenish or bluish cast, you are picking up too much light and therefore reflections such as grass and sky. Then just rely on your photo lamps and make sure you are using cool temperature photo bulbs. Your best bet is to use 45 watt, 6500K pure white fluorescent daylight bulbs.
  • Depending on your products, staging them appropriately may help with the end game presentation to the consumer.
  • Even though you may shoot on a white background, the end result does NOT have to be stark white, as evidenced in the photos below of my own jewelry.
  • Your pictures should be maximized to 2000 pixels on the short side, at 72dpi. Alternatively you can size them around 1500 pixels at 300dpi. I personally prefer to clean up each of my photos and resize to maximize the product clarity at 300dpi but that is a personal preference.
  • Do your due diligence and research similar products from similar sellers. Add the appropriate keywords to your product title so it can be found as widely as possible.
  • Mention your title again in your description and write a clear concise description with appropriate details.
  • Utilize your product keywords by again, doing your due diligence and see what other sellers are using. Your keywords should be words that people would use in a search to find and bring up your products.

You will notice I prefer my backgrounds to NOT be stark white and sometimes, in certain circumstances I like to play with the light and dark shadows that accentuate sparkle or other features.

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