Maureen McCullough LLC is an established NJ website design and development agency offering affordable website design to all New Jersey businesses, no matter where in New Jersey your business is located.

We specialize in WordPress website design, WordPress website redesign, and WordPress SEO services. A strong SEO plan combined with a custom designed website for your New Jersey business brings sales, phone calls, website traffic, new clients and revenue, no matter what line of work you are in.

Maureen McCullough LLC is in business over 20 years, and expert SEO and website design is the cornerstone of our business. Our owner is a lifelong New Jersey resident and will treat your NJ business as if it were our own.

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Your Website Design Questions Answered

Website design done by a professional agency enables you to have a quality website that defines your brand to the world.

An easy to navigate, user friendly, user intuitive website is the ultimate goal for your brand and your business to get and retain customers / clients.

Whether you are an attorney offering your services or a brick and mortar store who needs an e-commerce presence, you need a professional website to define your presence to the world.

Your website is your online brochure. The Yellow Pages are long gone. If you do not have a professional presence on the Internet, you may as well close up shop.

A well designed, quick loading, informative website helps find you clients and customers who otherwise would never know that you exist.

Depending on the scope of your website design project, the design and development phase can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months or more.

The scope of your website design project covers not only your basic business needs but also the complexity of the project.

Complexity covers design, navigation, e-Commerce needs which can range from simple to needing wholesale and retail client access, booking, forms and more.

Website design and actual website development are two different phases.

Additional issues like e-commerce whether you are an attorney accepting online payments or you are an online seller with various fulfillment and shipping requirements also fall into the mix.

The cost of professional website design with Maureen McCullough LLC varies from business to business and project to project.

Each business is an individual, with individual factors that need to be addressed in order to give your business the best possible design and development for your needs.

The end cost is determined by the client's business needs and goals, as well as your budget. Your website is one of the most important investments you'll make in your business.

It is best to contact us for a 20 minute Zoom meeting so we can discuss your needs and give you a quote.

Any "ballpark" figure we discuss is exactly that. Simply a ballpark figure. The final quote is ALWAYS emailed to you, hard copy, for your records.

When you work with Maureen McCullough LLC, we have several in depth meetings and conversations with you to understand what you need and want as well as to analyze which website design and development approach to take, based upon your business requirements and your present and future goals. We discuss, among other things:

  • Your branding. If you need a logo, if your logo needs a fresh new look, and whether your current logo accurately reflects your branding.
  • Your business needs - the type of business you run - real estate agent, attorney, home improvement, non-profit foundation, retail, wholesale, artisan handmade, etc.
  • The type of consumer audience you are wanting to reach out to and attract.
  • Any e-Commerce, shipping, inventory, merchandising needs you may have.
  • Color psychology in order to utilize the best colors to maximize your audience.
  • Whether you need a retail and wholesale presence to cater to both consumer audiences.
  • Any special booking, appointment, registration or donation needs you may have, as well as contact forms and client intake forms you may need.
  • We pull it all together into one beautiful, easy to navigate, cohesive website design that is easy to use, loads fast and reflects your brand.

There are many DIY website builders out there for you to use, with minimal financial investment but maximum time investment on your part.

If you are not in any sort of rush to have your website up and running and start generating traffic and sales, that may be the right thing for you.

If you don't mind working with cookie cutter templates that give you a cookie cutter business presence that does not set you apart from your competition, a DIY website builder may be right for you..

However, if you prefer to have a custom website design that DOES set you apart from your competition, and perfectly reflects your business brand, working with a professional design agency is recommended.

And, if you prefer to run your business while your website design and development team work out all the details and complexities, working with an expert team will definitely benefit your business.

We look forward to helping you succeed with your business! Contact us today!

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7 Points of Success -

If you are interested in:

  • Successfully attracting your target audience
  • Accurately representing your brand across the Internet and becoming recognizable
  • Having a website or e-Commerce website that grows and evolves with your business
  • Taking your online business presence to the next level
  • Standing out from your competition
  • Building a successful niche environment for your online business
  • Having your phone ring and converting those phone calls into sales

You will enjoy working with Maureen McCullough LLC, your one stop professional, expert Website Design, SEO and Digital Marketing Agency.

We are in business 20+ years with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. Give us a call or text us today at 201.753.1677 to schedule a free 20 minute Zoom consultation to discuss your New Jersey business website design and development needs!