Home office and small office organizing - it's what we do in Bergen and Morris County NJ plus Rockland County NY.

Every office without exception ends up looking like a bomb hit it at one time or another. Piles of paper just begging to be filed or shredded; piles of unopened mail; piles period. We've all been there so don't be too hard on yourself.

However, there comes a time when you realize you could be much more productive if you could just straighten it up. By the time we realize that however, it has become overwhelming. That is where the services of a patient and understanding professional organizer come in.

We come into your office to help you, not judge you. We've all worn these shoes, and we personally try to make our time working together as fun and productive as we can.

Read about our Residential Organizing Services HERE you never know when you might need this!

From all those aforementioned piles, or your paper files in the filing cabinet, or the stack of unsorted paperwork on the back table we can help you sort through, separate, and decide what to keep or toss. It's an emotional process and a labor intensive process as well.

We assist you with all phases of organizing after the decluttering as been completed. Once we know exactly what you are keeping, we help you organize it in a logical system. This way you can follow our system time and again, thereby minimizing the need to re-organize yet again in the future. But, if you fall off the wagon in the future because life got in the way, don't beat yourself up. Simply give us a call and we'll get together again and get you organized.

Less stress, right there. That was easy!

We can also assist you in organizing the supply cabinet and any other areas in your office where you feel you need help. You know you've arrived when the elephant starts stealing your tea from your cup! Enjoy our quirky sense of humor.....

Whether you need help organizing one filing cabinet or your entire office, we are here to help. Your free in office consultation will include a tour of the space by us, an assessment and list of tasks to be performed, and anything you may need to purchase to successfully complete this decluttering and organizing project.

Our service rate is $40 per hour. Payment is due at the end of each organizing session.

Call Us or Text Us today to schedule your free in office consultation. 201.753.1677 We are always here to help.

What Clients Are Saying About Our Home Office and Small Office Organizing Services:

"I'm bad with paperwork. I'm bad with computer files. I can never find anything. Ever. Which is why I called Maureen to come in and help me out. Totally worth the money in a heartbeat. Within several sessions, she got my paper files completely organized in the filing cabinet, beautifully labeled and oh so easy to find. She organized my computer files impeccably, and put everything up in the cloud because, as she pointed out, hard drives do die, and usually do so unexpectedly. Now, I can find anything without having a panic attack. I've called her back several times just to keep me on the straight and narrow. Well done Maureen."

Joe, Upper Saddle River New Jersey

"Our small office in Fair Lawn was a little bit of a train wreck. There are only four of us but we somehow managed to misplace almost everything when we get super busy. Maureen designed a system of what I will call inboxes although they are really just specific places to put specific papers. This helped us a lot. She then showed us how to upload and maintain the rest of our files up on the cloud, easily accessible on everyone's iPad, ready for any meeting. This saved us tons in paper as we had been printing everything out. We are really pleased with how she straightened us out. "

Zachary, Fair Lawn New Jersey

"Our home office was in need of some TLC in the organizing department. Not really a mess per se, but always teetering on the edge of NOW where did that document go? Decluttering was not needed as it was not an issue, but organizing, labeling, sorting and separating was. We contacted Maureen and had her come in, explained our problem and she with her personable can do attitude offered us some excellent common sense advice. We hired her on the spot. No regrets. She even rearranged our office to make it flow better which was really a special treat. So happy we called her in and from time to time we call her back. She's like family now."

Alexandra, Wyckoff New Jersey

Your Privacy and Our Professional Ethics

Rest assured that we adhere to a strict code of ethics regarding your privacy. If you decide to kindly leave us a testimonial, we only use your first name and your town. We never discuss your project with anyone else nor do we acknowledge questions about where you are actually located.

Calling upon the services of a professional organizer is a very private thing. We respect your privacy 110% as much as we respect our own.

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