Tip of the Day – Social Media Profile Names

Cohesive branding 101 continued. Although the allowed characters may vary as shown below, it is extremely important to establish brand recognition with profile names that match across the board. This also gives a very healthy boost to your marketing efforts … Read More

Never Forget the Beginning of Your Journey

Why do successful people always remember the beginning of their journey? Why they started doing what they do? Why they got on that particular road of life? Because they never forget the original dream, the humble beginnings, the hard work … Read More

Get It Right the First Time

Another thing that successful people do is they try very hard to get it right the first time. No matter what the end goal, if the planning is not on point, highly detailed and totally on track, the end result … Read More

Never Focus on Your Competition

I know, the title of this blog post is completely odd right? Never focus on your competition. But, it is true. Focusing on your competition is just wrong and counterproductive. Why? Because it takes the focus off of your own … Read More

Life is About Learning Experiences Not Mistakes

When you make a mistake, be it big or small, do you beat yourself up? Do you feel bad for days about your mistake? Successful people aren’t wired that way. They make a mistake, and it instantly turns into a … Read More

Achieving Your Goals and Taking Full Control

Your success hinges on you being able to take absolute control over your life – controlling all aspects that you can, not what you cannot. A famous man with whom we are all familiar once said, “Life can be much … Read More

I Will Just Figure It Out

Do you find that you plan for failure and defeat? Or, do you plan for obstacles and challenges? Successful people plan for obstacles and challenges. They know that failure and defeat is not an option, nor is it positive. By … Read More

What is Success?

Success is a mindset and an exercise in positive thinking. Success is the product of being open minded, being confident, and acknowledging that every mistake you make is a lesson learned, a learning experience. You need to believe in yourself, … Read More

WordPress Website Maintenance

So you have a brand new lovely WordPress website that you have just invested a nice bit of your hard earned dollars into and your website designer asks if you would like a website maintenance plan. You politely decline. After … Read More

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