Why We Include This Particular Graphic in EVERY eBook

Every eBook we create for free download or as a product you can buy includes this particular graphic that we created. Do you know why?

It’s called the Power of Positivity. In our world of increasingly negative thought processes and actions, I felt it was necessary to kick that to the curb with positive reinforcement.

Everywhere you go, there are people who have gotten sucked into the negative vortex. Angry drivers on the road, dissatisfied in the workplace and feeling there is no outlet, shooting up innocent people in mall’s across America.

At some point in time, this negativity really begins to affect one’s life and one’s business in the worst possible ways. Time for it to stop. Time for us to look beyond all of this and move forward.

Let’s go through our Positive Reinforcement Points one at a time.

You May Not Realize It. – You probably don’t because you are so bogged down in day to day strife and feelings of hopelessness.

You Hold Many Positive Possibilities In Your Hands – You can go through life with a glass half full mindset or a glass half empty mindset. it’s ALL about the mindset.

Manifest What You Want With Positive Thoughts – Yes this is something you can do. It’s not about wishing for a million dollars. It’s about keeping your thoughts positive at all times, and when your fears and worries get the better of you, putting them into the hands of your angels or higher beings that are always around to help you. That’s not hype. It actually works and gives you inner peace knowing that the more positive your thoughts are, the less negativity will be influencing your life.

Let Go of The Drama – Yup. Unless you are hell bent on being the Drama Queen or King, just dump the drama. Your higher spiritual calling does not include drama, so by dumping it you will shape your life positively in ways you could never imagine.

Don’t Take On Other People’s Projections of Their Fears and Anxieties – All too often, like everyday it seems, we are surrounded by other people who have fears and anxieties that are overwhelming them and stopping them from leading happier positive lives. We are surrounded with this 24/7!!! And because we are sympathetic, empathetic, or simply caring individuals, we often get sucked up into that negative vortex. And those fears and anxieties become US. Learn to put other peoples issues in perspective, put them OVER THERE, do what you need to do, but don’t let them become YOU.

Stay Away From the Hype – Instead of following the crowd, following the trends, try following what you know down in your core to be the truth and the true you and your true direction and passion in life. This is called your soul’s purpose. Even if you don’t believe you have a soul, which is fine, you have a purpose in life. Discover that, be true to yourself and do what’s right for YOU.

Surround Yourself with Positive People and Energies – the more you do this, the more positive your life will become because you are kicking negative, toxic people and their energies to the curb. I have personally done this by establishing a positive ring of fire around me. Inside the ring of fire is all that is positive and good. Outside the ring of fire is all the negative crap that cannot ever get past the ring of fire. You’d be surprised how this helps you maintain your positive energy environment.

Trust in the Universe and the Process – you know how sometimes the Universe feels stuck? Nothing is happening, everything seems to be on hold, nothing is moving. We could blame it on Mercury going into retrograde which certainly doesn’t help!! But this is a proven Universal thing. Sometimes the energy is simply stuck and not going anywhere. And then out of the blue things start moving, progressing, getting better. Without going into religious beliefs or consulting our astrologer, things happen for a reason, and they happen in their own good time, when the time is right. Trust in the process. Believe. Be Positive.

Your Business and Your Life Will Be the Success You Want It To Be!

Disclaimer: Although we created this graphic, the stunning image of the globe in the hand with the Universe background we downloaded from Pixabay.com – a great source of amazing artwork of all types.