Tip of the Day – Long Tail Keywords

Utilize this organic technique to gain important niche customers – long tail keywords. First you need to figure out / understand your potential for gaining niche customers. Once that step is completed, you need to implement this technique in order … Read More

Tip of the Day – Email Marketing

Email marketing is another very important part of your organic promotion of your website, Etsy shop, eBay store and Amazon Handmade shop. It is an extremely effective marketing tool if used correctly. Email marketing doesn’t have to be annoying and … Read More

Tip of the Day – Organic Etsy Promotion

Here is another way to organically promote your Etsy shop. Customize your Etsy packing slips and order receipts with your logo, a personalized message, a coupon and more! Reinforcing your branding with your customers is so important. Customers are receptive … Read More

Tip of the Day – Social Media Profile Names

Cohesive branding 101 continued. Although the allowed characters may vary as shown below, it is extremely important to establish brand recognition with profile names that match across the board. This also gives a very healthy boost to your marketing efforts … Read More

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