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10 Tips to Help You Run a More Efficient Business

Here are 10 tips to help you run your business more efficiently, utilize time better and keep your physical and mental outlook in a more healthy prosperous place.

As we all know, running a business can be a real challenge anytime, much less now with all the uncertainty of the COVID19 pandemic.

1 – Eat properly, take vitamins as needed, drink plenty of water, don’t skip meals, and utilize healthy snacks as opposed to junk food. Your body is your temple, worship it accordingly. Lay off the alcohol. Without your health you have nothing.

2 – Get exercise. If you have a Fitbit or Apple Watch, wear it during the day so you can see if you are getting enough exercise in. Try taking an early morning walk, an after lunch walk, or whenever it works best for you. DON’T just sit in front of the computer all day. Walk, exercise, get on your bike or treadmill, or simply walk up and down stairs as part of a general exercise. If you work from home, take a walk around the neighborhood. Keep the blood flowing.

3 – Put ALL of your appointments on your calendar. Don’t rely just on your memory. With all of the daily distractions we encounter, relying on your memory is not really the way to go. Whether you are meeting with your web designer, showing a client some properties, attending a Zoom meeting or anything else, document this on your calendar and set your reminders a half hour ahead.

4 – Make a daily list of tasks that need to get done. Despite how techy I personally am, my lists are made with good old paper and pen. I make a general list of wished for accomplishments for the week. The ones that really need to get done TODAY get a star next to them. Pretty much come hell or high water, those tasks MUST get done on the specified day. And they do.

5 – Keep your office neat, organized and presentable. Go through your paperwork, your piles (don’t say you don’t have them, we ALL do!), sort, file, put away. Do whatever you need to do to make your office as neat and organized as possible. Less chaos in your office, less chaos in your day to day workload.

6 – Make time for a 15 minute nap, some meditation time, or whatever it takes to give yourself a much needed and no doubt well deserved break during the day. You can’t just keep up the grind or your brain becomes foggy and mushy. You need to kick back and recharge every so often.

7 – If working from home, where hours are generally much more flexible, be sure to make adequate time for family, kids and pets. Equally, set your boundaries and limitations as to when you cannot be disturbed. Train yourself, train your family.

8 – Your environment. Make sure your office receives plenty of natural daylight and fresh air if at all possible. Get some plants to put in your office. Not only do plants keep the air clean and less toxic, they brighten up the atmosphere and make your office a place of beauty. If your office doesn’t get a great amount of natural light, not to worry. Your plants will love your fluorescent lighting or if you have lamps in your office, use the spiral light bulbs. These are known as CFL bulbs – Compact Fluorescent Lamp. Your office jungle will thank you.

9 – Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. We are all familiar with this age-old saying. Well, it no longer applies to just men, but women as well. Get enough sleep, go to bed early, get up with the sun. Make sure your bedroom is cool and dark, which is conducive to a good sleep. If you have trouble clearing your mind, use a natural sleep aid. Don’t drink alcohol for sleep purposes. Personally, and this is me, not any sort of official recommendation, I utilize Melatonin, Valerian Root, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Lavender and a few other natural sleep remedies only when needed. If you are currently taking prescription medication, check with your physician FIRST.

10 – Adjust your mindset to one of only positive energy, positive vibes, abundance and prosperity. I find that by going through my day with a “what’s next” attitude, I minimalize any negativity that may be out there and keep my focus on what I need to do to not only SURVIVE but THRIVE.

And until COVID19 no longer poses a threat to us, wear a mask, wash your hands, use hand sanitizer. If your clients come to your office, set the rules about mask wearing, hand sanitizing and social distancing. Of course remote meetings are best, however, in person meetings work too if you set the ground rules and stand by them.

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