Testimonials from very satisfied clients for our business coaching, website design, SEO, marketing and social media services. We have a pristine reputation with our clients and work very hard to keep it so.

Client success in business is why we are in business!


What People Are Saying:

Maureen worked well with me by balancing my ideas and her suggestions. I found her to be knowledgeable, reasonably priced and appropriately assertive when she thought my marketing direction could be better served.

Andrew H., West Orange NJ

We started an e-commerce business and quickly realized we needed help with our website and marketing. After doing some research we decided to work with Maureen McCullough LLC, and we are extremely happy we made that choice. She is so pleasant, professional, and great with communicating. Owning a business has its challenges, but working with Maureen has allowed us to work on growing our business in such a more effective way and we look forward succeeding with her help and guidance.

Bud C., Emerson NJ

Maureen has been a life saver for me for the last 10 years as I have dealt with websites, ebay auctions and ebay stores. She knows eBay inside out and has made my eBay store something I am really proud of and producing great results. She knows websites and is a master of SEO (search engine optimization), blogs, social media, keywords and how to use that knowledge to produce great results. She has taken a ton of work off of me and that allows me to concentrate on writing descriptions for over 10,000 listings and processing orders. She has provided great suggestions on what to do and not do and doesn’t hesitate to share her expertise which is based on years of experience. Her knowledge of eBay, websites, social media and the internet is exceptional and her prices are VERY reasonable. This is the lady you can trust with your business!

And now retired and enjoying life, Richard gave us a final thumbs up.............

You’re the best and an absolute expert. You kept me afloat for 11 years and that is nothing short of a miracle. You were my good luck charm and I would have been out of the business years ago without you. Thanks again and yes, I will enjoy my retirement!

Richard M., Macon GA

Starting a business can be overwhelming, but working with Maureen on my website and marketing has been one of the best decisions I have made so far. She provides real feedback and is also very reachable via email, phone, and text. I am looking forward to growing my business with the help of Maureen and her team.

Chirag M., Attorney, Hudson & Morris County NJ

I was referred to Maureen by Matisse Chocolatier. She came to my shop and took the most amazing pictures I have ever seen. My website looks amazing, it looks like you can pluck the cupcake out of the screen. The process was so easy, Maureen did everything. I am so incredibly happy with the final result.

Thank you, Maureen, I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

And, 5 years on........

Maureen did such a beautiful job on my website. I love it so much. She is extremely creative and a pleasure to work with. I have been working with her for 5 years and she is always trying to help me grow my business. thank you Maureen for everything you're the best.

Maria C., Orangeburg NY

If you are looking for someone to kickstart or re- evaluate your marketing project - Maureen should be your choice. Maureen's main goal is to deliver timely quality service and solutions. She takes personal pride that you are 100% satisfied with the work she is doing for you. Her mission is to give you the services of a professional without the up charge cost. She is knowledgeable in her field, personable and I was impressed with her work ethics. Whatever your needs are she is highly skilled and will make the duration of your project an easy and convenient experience.

Alice S., Englewood NJ

I recently started my own solo law practice, and I knew that without a web presence I would be kissing any chance of it being a success goodbye. After contacting several web designers and developers recommended by other attorneys, I chose Maureen McCullough. I couldn’t be more happy that I did!

She was professional, patient and listened to my needs, concerns and objectives that I sought to achieve with launching my website. Additionally, her ability to provide several payment arrangements helped me to budget the cost of a website into my costs.

There is incredible value in the services she provides as well.

And now, several years on, another lovely endorsement from this satisfied client!

Maureen is not just a great web "master" but also a wonderful human being. She truly cares about her clients and is super responsive whenever I have a question or request. I can't imagine anyone else handling my website. I would refer anyone who needs marketing done or help designing and maintaining their website to her. She is truly the best!! Thanks Maureen!

Susan R., Attorney Essex County NJ

Maureen has been our business coach for over 6 years now. There are many business coaches out there, but the reason we chose Maureen over the others is that when we called her initially, she didn’t mind us asking many questions, she was polite, patient and fun to talk to. My partner and myself felt encouraged just by that initial conversation. She always gives one-on-one personal support and care during our sessions which has encouraged us to get past several sticky issues with our business and even our business partnership. Maureen taught us to work together and how to become productive together, and most importantly how to communicate effectively and clearly. Maureen is an invaluable part of our business. ”

Dave P. and Tony M., Morris County NJ

An extremely wonderful marketing person that produces excellent results. Our business has grown since Maureen took over. Great ideas and great to work with and always available. If you want to have a successful business Maureen is the one to call!

E. L., Englewood NJ

Maureen is wonderful!! I can not say enough in words how she has helped our business grow! Easy to work with, cares about your thoughts. You are a hardworking and honest person that does great work.

Kelly M., Emerson NJ

Maureen gets results. She knows her audience and can always be reached by phone or email. She listens to her clients for input and personalizes her service for each client. I have referred business to Maureen and will continue to do so. Maureen McCullough LLC has been my SEO provider for several years providing personalized services and expert advice at a competitive rate.

Jason K., Attorney Hackensack NJ

Maureen McCullough LLC has been working with my husband and myself on our websites for the last few years. She has designed a great website for my husband's electrical contracting business, a beautiful site for my secretarial service and is currently marketing my new Shopify e-commerce store. She is an expert with social media marketing and SEO and we are happy with the results. We would highly recommend Maureen McCullough LLC.

As Your Baby Grows, Paramus NJ

Maureen truly cares about my business and my continued success. She has guided and supported me through a number of incredibly rough patches in both my personal and business life, giving me the confidence to keep going and not only that, to constantly improve and refine my approach to life. Maureen has been my business coach for over 5 years now and honestly I don’t know where I would be without her continued support. An excellent person and a pleasure to work with.

Marielle N., Glen Rock NJ - a Business Coaching Client

Maureen has been a trusted asset in my life for the last 8 years as I have dealt with many changes in my life and my business. She listens, hears both what you are saying and not saying, and then guides you effectively, so that you can focus and start producing great results. She has taken so much pressure off of me with her stress reduction techniques. She provides excellent suggestions and doesn’t hesitate to share her expertise which is based on years of experience. Her common sense knowledge of life and business is exceptional and I consider her prices for business coaching to be VERY reasonable. She is honest, forthright and trustworthy.

Rick G., Woodland Park NJ - a Business Coaching Client

Maureen gives you rock solid advice, she is patient, and she is always encouraging. Our one-on-one weekly consultations with her are so worth it. She really cares about our business, and about us. Sometimes we meet in her office, other times we have phone consultations with her. Either way she constantly puts forth alot of effort to help us refine our goals and has motivated us tremendously. Her dedicated and high level of personal interaction shows us she really cares about our business and our success. Maureen has been our business coach for over 7 years now and she is worth every penny spent. You won’t be sorry.

Lenore and Bob S., Park Ridge NJ - Business Coaching Clients

We were looking to create a website to grow our electrical contracting business with internet presence. When we met with Maureen we knew she was going to create a great website for us. She is very knowledgeable about search engine optimization, social media marketing and knows what needs to be done to bring in customers.

Maureen took the time to discuss our needs and our vision of how we wanted the site to look. She was very patient with us as we picked out color schemes and font styles to get just the right look. She kept us updated and involved through the whole process.

When we saw the final product we were amazed at how she brought our vision to life but made it ten times better. We love all of the design elements that she incorporated into the site. We can’t stop looking at it! We would definitely recommend Maureen to anyone who is looking to create an effective website that will increase their business.

We are also having her create a design for our eBay store and she will be creating a website for my wife’s secretarial service as well.

Rick & Sue – Paramus, NJ

Vintage All Sports Collectibles has been a satisfied and successful client of Maureen McCullough LLC for over four years. Now ask yourself why we have remained a client for so many years when there are so many other business consultants we could choose from? Knowledge and personal consultations! Let me explain.

We wanted to start a new website selling sports cards. Talking with Maureen one-on-one about setting up the business plans I decided on a website over her advice of an eBay store which would reach a wider market base and be more cost effective every month. After about four months and dismal results like she said would happen I took the advice and closed down the website and opened an eBay store.

All I can say is WOW! Wish I would have listened sooner. We hit the ground running, this time following her advice on the design and a marketing strategy to maximize my niche base and views. Through her sound advice in just a month we have sold over $500 in sales and have solid business plans for reaching the next level, which is the knowledge part or why we are satisfied clients.

The one-on-one consultation is the other. It is not by email or text messages but talking to a real person over the phone who cares about my business, she works with us constantly to develop a business plan for your business and then how to put it into action. You may get an email every once in a while about new business practices or new avenues to promote your business.

Maureen offers her clients a high level of personal interaction and care. So, if you want to step into the ring and become a business entrepreneur and get one on one consulting to make a profit, do what we did! Become a client of Maureen McCullough LLC!

Daren B., Maryland

Maureen helped me revamp and promote my business website. She works VERY hard for the money, spent hours/days/weeks helping this technologically challenged business owner through the process! I love my new website! Very affordable and professional, I would highly recommend Maureen McCullough LLC to every business owner! Thanks Maureen!!!

Mary Anne D., Augusta, Sussex County NJ

Recently I was looking for a new e-commerce platform that would provide me with additional features as well as a more streamlined check out process, including more inventory control than what I had. My web designer recommended I check out BigCommerce, among others. Upon reviewing their platform, I decided to switch.

Working with my designer, we were amazed at how quickly the old store listings transferred. In a very short, and I mean very short time, the new store was up and running, and I had orders the very next day! The transparency of the move left my regular customers amazed!

Not only was the transfer done quickly, the customization and ease of designing the store by my designer was absolutely breathtaking. I got the look and feel that I wanted and I am so pleased to recommend Maureeen McCullough. We have worked together now for 10+ years and it just keeps getting better and better!

Mary Ann K., Whittier California

After many years of advertising in local phone books, I decided it was time to create a website for my business support service to increase my exposure. It seems everyone is searching for services online now and phone books are becoming a thing of the past.
Maureen had previously created websites for my husband’s business and our eBay store and after seeing those results I knew she would once again come through with a great design. Maureen listened to my ideas and created a beautiful website that looks better than I had envisioned. She took the time to make sure I was happy with every detail throughout the process and also gave me helpful business advice.
I absolutely love the design and the color scheme. I would gladly recommend Maureen to anyone who is looking promote their business with a great looking website.

Sue M - Paramus, NJ

I was fortunate to meet Maureen through a colleague with whom we both had dealt with a ‘supposed’ website developer who did not have the expertise as she professed. Finding Maureen is like finding buried treasure worth a million! She is very personable, knows her ‘stuff,’ doesn’t pretend to know what she doesn’t and frankly comes through with more than I ever expected. I think what I like about Maureen the best is that she cares about ‘me’ or frankly ‘you’ should you employ her. As a small business owner I have to have a website created to sell myself, my business and make money. I loved the look of my already established brochure and business cards. I asked that my site have the same look and feel…and so it is! Many times Maureen will advise and council how that should be done now and going forward on the site. She is a true professional and having looked at the sites she has done with other clients, I trust in her judgement and would readily be a source to be contacted to verify all that I have stated.

Barbara G.

(although Barbara's career has taken her in other directions, we are proud to have received her endorsement for our services)

New Jersey Construction and Remodeling is a local Bergen County New Jersey construction business who was looking for a presence on the Internet for their business. Rich wanted a portfolio website that would display many of his photos of past work in the new home construction business as well as his extensive residential remodeling portfolio.

He also wanted a website that was easy to navigate, search engine friendly and that had the “wow” factor.

Rich is a super busy general contractor and a man of few words. Yet, he leaves us no doubt as to how pleased he is with our services. "We always worked well together and Maureen has been valuable to my company – She is doing an outstanding job."

Rich P. Paramus NJ

I am surprised and delighted by the wonderful job Maureen did in creating my website. She gave me a very important overall perspective of what was needed and then coached me through the process. The result is a website that truly reflects who I am and what I am offering done in a visually pleasing and compelling way. I am proud to send it out and grateful for her guidance.

Linda Z. Emerson NJ

(although Linda's career has taken her in other directions, we are proud to have received her endorsement for our services)

We love referrals. We designed this website for our technology client from an initial conception and idea. Since then, we worked with them to give the website a more polished, technology based professional image, creating a defined, streamlined design with a friendly yet target market based approach.

Our client has this to say about our combined efforts: Maureen, The website looks great!! Again thanks for your hard work and effort.

Jimmy H. Jersey City NJ


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