Maureen McCullough LLC – website design, marketing, organic SEO, online one on one learning classes in expert SEO and marketing.

Understanding the value of having expert SEO done for your business:

  • SEO is one of the most cost effective ways to drive traffic to your website. You basically have two options: organic SEO and paid search engine placement via Google Ads
  • There is no question as to whether your business is "worth it" when paying for your organic SEO investment!
  • The question to ask yourself is how much the same amount of traffic and phone calls would cost via paid search. Generally your paid search amount will be considerably more, making your organic SEO investment a good value.
  • Beware of ANY SEO company that "promises" results!!! We, no matter how expert our methods, have zero control over Google. We are playing in their sandbox.
  • As your expert SEO provider, it is our duty to have a thorough understanding of your business goals and to implement agreed upon plans for this.
  • We do not, however, have access to a crystal ball and cannot bend Google to our will. Any SEO provider who claims to guarantee results should be avoided at all costs.

Understanding how we proceed when providing you with expert SEO services:

  • There is no one size fits all option. Every client is unique and we ensure that your SEO and marketing strategy are designed specifically for your business.
  • What is your existing visibility in organic search? Does your business come up when various relevant keywords are typed in?
  • How long have you had your domain name? Is it relatively new or do you have actual domain authority?
  • What is your exposure and brand awareness?
  • How competitive is your particular industry? What are the keywords you will need to target?
  • Geo-targeting - are your goals to target local area business, statewide or multi statewide business, or national business?
  • What are your organic business goals and objectives?
  • Who is your target audience? What are the demographics? Especially mission critical if you are placing Facebook ads.
  • Was your website designed with expert search engine optimization included? Or will it need to be overhauled to bring it up to speed?
  • How long will results take? We do an expert SEO audit and can give you a reasonable timeframe to expect initial results. SEO takes time, patience, planning and strategy and MUST be flexible.

The various aspects of our expert SEO services that we perform monthly for you:

  • Initial organic SEO audit
  • Keyword research and determination, always flexible due to changing demands
  • Geo-targeted focus and determination in line with your business goals
  • Analytics and Search Console set up
  • Title tag, meta tag, product tag, meta descriptions set up
  • Internal link building
  • Content creation, editing and optimization
  • Robots.txt and sitemap management
  • Social media marketing with researched hashtags for both content and products
  • Monthly Zoom progress and strategy meeting

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Personalized One on One SEO and Marketing Online Learning Courses

Maureen McCullough LLC – our agency provides online learning courses and classes in expert SEO and marketing.

Our Bootcamp Academy has helped many small businesses across the United States who prefer to do SEO, social media, and marketing themselves learn the skills they need and harness the tools necessary to do the job.


  • Personalized, affordable, one on one online learning courses. Training includes multiple team members – no additional cost.
  • Thorough analysis and recommendations given on clients website or Etsy Shop.
  • Analysis of client marketing techniques, social media, email marketing, Google My Business, and organic SEO.
  • Real world solutions to problematic and challenging client strategies.
  • Free up time, energy and sanity with improved personal, people and financial organization skills.

Call or text us at 201.753.1677 or 201.523.4332 to find out more or visit our course selection page!!

See some of our other "NICHE" services below!

Real Estate Virtual Assistant and Transaction Coordinator Services

Owned and operated by a licensed New Jersey real estate agent who prefers the back end administration of things as opposed to being on the front end, our real estate virtual assistant and transaction coordinator services are used by real estate agents and brokers across the United States.

We offer comprehensive real estate virtual assistant services plus contract to close transaction coordinator services remotely, efficiently and with great attention to detail so you can get more sales, more prospects and grow your circle of referrals.

Call or text us at 201.753.1677 or 201.523.4332 to find out more.


  • Mailing list maintenance for postal promotions
  • Design and schedule all direct mailings
  • Create and mail out holiday cards to clients
  • Design and manage email marketing campaigns
  • Create and send out monthly newsletters

Buyer Seller Marketing

  • Send closing reminders to buyers and sellers
  • Send closing surveys to clients and record feedback
  • Home anniversaries, birthday cards and gifts for clients
  • Plan and organize client appreciation days
  • Design and create buyer and seller guides, info packs
  • Design / create / manage closing gifts for buyers

Agent Management

  • Set up and maintain CRM system for agent
  • Monitor agent continuing education requirements
  • Create / maintain agent personal website and IDX feed
  • Social media management including YouTube channel
  • Create and manage agents real estate blog


  • Identify untapped markets for agent
  • Order swag and marketing materials
  • Post testimonials to social media and website
  • Design branded social media templates for agent
  • Create cohesive across the board brand marketing for agent

Transaction Coordinator

  • Input listings into your MLS
  • Contract to Close Buyers Side
  • Contract to Close Sellers Side

Services for Photographers

Maureen McCullough LLC offers photographers from all walks of life - model, portrait, boudoir, wildlife, nature, food, retail, baby, wedding, you name it - our expert services.

We offer website design - WordPress, Zenfolio, Pixieset, Etsy Shops; marketing - blogs, social media marketing, email marketing; and our expert SEO services so that you can get found on Google, get more business, and get more sales.

Proudly serving professional photographers as well as hobbyist photographers all across the United States.

Call or text us at 201.753.1677 or 201.523.4332 to find out more.

Charities Foundations Non-Profit Services

If your organization qualifies as a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization, we are here to help you grow, get more sponsors and donations, and expand your horizons.

Maureen McCullough LLC offers website design, marketing, social media marketing, email marketing; expert SEO so you can get found on Google, get more business, and get more sales. We also assist you to obtain grants, advertising funding, tools and assets at either no cost or very low cost to you.

Our mentoring and marketing services have helped countless charitable organizations across the United States take off, grow and prosper!!

Call or text us at 201.753.1677 or 201.523.4332 to find out more.