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Why 1:1 Class Training is Better than Pre-Recorded Classes – and Why We Do It Here!

Why I have chosen 1:1 training via Zoom (next best thing to actually being there) as opposed to pre-recorded training classes for my small business and startup clients.

  • Custom Experience – Your training class is customized to your specific business, needs, style and computer aptitude. You can ask questions, the instruction is individualized, and there are no gaps in information. Everything is real time.
  • Personalized Attention – Whether it is just you or you and your team attending class, each of you receives personalized attention which allows for a better understanding of concepts within your particular class topic.
  • Focused – Your learning experience is very focused. No distractions from others in a larger class setting, no getting sidetracked, no being rushed because of other participants.
  • Flexible – Our schedule is flexible. I work with you on scheduling time for your classes that are mutually convenient for our schedules and work / personal commitments.
  • Privacy – Any business matters of yours that may be proprietary or sensitive can be openly discussed with logical and fitting coaching being given appropriately. There are no concerns about competitors or privacy.
  • Instant Gratification – A huge highlight of our 1:1 training is instant application! We teach you and then give you time to apply what you have learned right then and there with full positive reinforcement. Your takeaways can be instantly applied back at the office!
  • Great Communication – As your instructor, business coach or mentor, 1:1 instruction embraces more open communication, establishes trust and renders the training session quite effective.
  • Motivation – The accountability that you feel during our 1:1 training classes gives you motivation and helps you commit to achieving your goals thanks to our direct relationship.
  • Relevant – As your instructor and business coach I make sure the content is adjusted to your needs, questions, and progress. This keeps your training experience relevant and effective for you. Everything is adapted according to how I see you absorb and progress.
  • Niche Guidance – Every business and startup has very specific challenges, there is no one size fits all. I make sure that I address your niche topics, help you overcome relevant challenges, and provide very targeted guidance that helps you succeed.