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Are You Part of the Great Resignation aka The Great Life Change?

The Covid 19 Pandemic brought about many lifestyle altering changes to our lives. From the amazing convenience of ordering food, groceries, medicines and other necessities of life online with the ability to have them delivered straight to your door, to instituting one of the greatest workplace changes to ever be experienced in our culture……….. The Great Resignation.

I prefer to call it The Great Awakening or The Great Life Change, since I consider “resignation” to be a more negative connotation and “awakening” or “life change” to be much more positive connotations.

The life we knew pre-pandemic is basically, in my humble opinion, gone forever. There is no returning to the old normal, and the term new normal has been so overused it’s now becoming irritating at best.

Life is, however, going to continue to evolve for the better, not just in 2022 but also beyond that into the foreseeable future.

Working from home instead of the office gave many people a taste of how it could be…….. that elusive work / life balance that one could never achieve while being required to work from the office exclusively. The ability to work remotely, still interacting with colleagues and business partners, while being able to care for your kids / pets without the added cost of babysitters and pet sitters, opened up a whole new world.

There are always some who require a more hands on approach or would prefer in person interaction with their office co-workers, however, for many, this working remotely situation was just the ticket to stop overextending oneself and to put the brakes on continually being burned out.

Are You Part of the Great Resignation aka The Great Life Change?

So what exactly is happening that is causing this re-scripting of what it means to work in America?

  • Americans have and still are quitting their jobs by the millions
  • Workers are trading in low paying jobs for better paying jobs with better benefits
  • Workers at all levels have bucked against being forced to return to the office, seeing the possibilities in working remotely
  • Competitor companies have been offering incentives, such as sign on bonuses, working remotely with no questions asked, and more, heralding in The Great Promotion
  • People just want a change…. they want to come up for fresh air and totally re-think their careers
  • People have taken the time to re-evaluate what works and what doesn’t, and they are going with new opportunities that fit in with their chosen lifestyle
  • Workers are pursuing a healthier work / home balance, living away from big cities in more rural locations, or are re-defining their criteria for success
  • Many individuals are finding jobs they can competently and happily perform anywhere, as opposed to before when the job had to be near where they live

This New Awakening is a people-centric era of workers at all levels – from top management to blue collar workers – now expecting flexibility as they re-assess their lives. If one workplace is not going to give the expected flexibility, well, there are many who will. Hence the Great Migration of the American worker to greener pastures.

Individuals no longer want to sacrifice themselves, their health, their families completely for the job. Looking for that happy medium is here to stay.

For many of you, this Great Life Change in the American Workplace has brought opportunities such as being hired as remote tutors for institutions of higher learning, the ability to take your real estate business to new levels with brokers offering sign on bonuses and 100% commission for your first year, advanced opportunities for retiring law enforcement to obtain positions that suit your extensive experience and lifestyles, and for many, to begin your own business or indulge in a lifetime dream of beginning a non-profit.

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