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Attorney Law Firm SEO Advertising and Marketing Bergen County NJ

What would you rather invest in for your law firm? Quality, results driven organic traffic that makes the phone ring? Or expensive pay per click advertising that your competition can wipe out by clicking on your advertising keywords?

It’s well known that you can easily figure out your competitor’s AdWords. That is NOT rocket science. And online advertising is extremely competitive. In the world of attorneys, law firms and solo lawyer practitioners, the competition is fierce.

Every time you run a Google AdWords campaign, your competition can easily sabotage your efforts and your budget. We’ve seen it happen time and again to the tune of thousands of wasted AdWords dollars.

Maureen McCullough LLC Attorney Law Firm SEO Advertising Marketing New Jersey

So, where do you get the most bang for your buck? Organic traffic through high quality SEO – search engine optimization. This is a monthly process by which your website becomes highly search engine optimized, climbs the ranks and ends up on page one and page two of Google search and then stays there through the dedicated efforts of your SEO expert.

Maureen McCullough LLC is in business over 20+ years, serving many attorneys and law offices in and around the State of New Jersey. Expert SEO, marketing, excellent customer service and results are the cornerstone of our business.

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