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Business Coaching – Handling Button Pushers


This is an Online Learning Course in Personal Enrichment for Dealing with Button Pushers. A hands on, 1 Hour 1:1 Coaching Session via Zoom.

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We all know them. The people (and situations) that push your buttons, sometimes every button at once. How infuriating!!! Actually the situations are easier to deal with than the people. However, each takes a certain brand of fortitude, discipline and gritting of the teeth. I totally get it!

Situations that push your buttons are in some cases sort of predictable, and we just need to discipline ourselves NOT to react. People………….. well………….

What you get:

One hour of my time, undivided, just you and me to discuss whatever it is you need to discuss about the button pushers in your life. And how you react to them. And how high your blood pressure goes. And why you need to learn how to handle the button pushers in a whole new way. Once you stop giving them what they need or want, they go away. Your blood pressure comes down to normal levels and life goes on.

I’ll show you how to NOT react, how to put the ball back in their court, and how not to ENABLE the button pusher. That’s what it all comes down to. It’s all about enabling a person who just craves that attention. And why you need to stop doing that. And better yet, HOW to stop enabling them. Once you stop, they stop. Buh bye!!!

I know firsthand how invaluable it is to get someone else’s perspective, another viewpoint, a fresh set of eyeballs to help you sort out life’s challenges.

Complete and total privacy is assured.

With this listing you are choosing a 1 (one) hour business coaching session.
We give you a complimentary extra half hour on the house from us – “getting to know you” time is important. Therefore, you are paying for 1 (one hour) and actually getting 1 1/2 hours in your session.

To prevent unauthorized use of your credit / debit card, any class reservation made WITHOUT FIRST CONTACTING US will NOT be charged to your card. Your reservation will be ON HOLD. We will reach out to you directly to confirm that you DID indeed sign up for the class.

We do not offer refunds on any business coaching sessions.

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