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Class – One on One Expert SEO Business Consulting 1 Hour


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This is an Online Learning Course on Expert SEO for Small Business. The class is a hands on, 1 Hour 1:1 Coaching Session via Zoom complete with screen sharing and recording so you can make the most of what we are teaching you.

With my 20+ years of experience as an SEO Expert, I can help you kick your website up several measurable notches for excellent search engine visibility and exposure.

You gain access to my proprietary SEO experience, techniques and best practices, implemented in a common sense, actionable way with visible results within 3 – 4 months, sometimes sooner.

What you get:

  • One hour of my time, undivided, just you and me to evaluate your current website situation in regards to SEO, search engine visibility, traffic, phone calls, and more
  • You are given access to my unique, non-techie, hands-on approach to organic SEO techniques, some of which are proprietary
  • Proprietary means that I have developed these techniques over the years after careful and close analysis of Google algorithms, search engine results, search engine analysis and the utilization of Search Console data.
  • These techniques have been proven to give measurable results in search engine visibility. In other words you get to learn quite a few of the tricks up my sleeve!!

With this listing you are choosing 1 hour per month. Inclusion of team members in this package does not apply. This one is just you, and me!

***Please Note: In order to take this online learning course, you MUST have your own website, and you need to let us know your SEO Experience level when adding this to your cart. This will allow me to customize your learning plan.

Upon receipt of your order we will reach out to you to schedule your Zoom class meetings.

Call or text us at 201.753.1677 or 201.523.4332 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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1 Hour, 1 Hour for 6 Months, 1 Hour for 12 Months

Package Breakdowns:

One (1) hour consultation / month for 6 months - 1:1 - 6 Zoom Meetings $150 each x 6 = $900

One (1) hour consultation / month for 12 months - 1:1 - 12 Zoom Meetings $135 each x 12 = $1620

Alternatively pay $135 / month for 12 months with a 1 (one) year contract - please contact us for this option

Call or text us at 201.753.1677 or 201.523.4332 and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have!