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How to Stay Ahead Organically on Facebook and Instagram with New Algorithms

As almost everyone who follows social media is aware, the Facebook algorithm has changed and presents serious implications for organic reach to both business users of Facebook and Instagram.

We can break it down for you here:

  • Organic targeting depends on relevance of posts. Organic reach will be vastly reduced only reaching 6.5% of the users in Facebook groups.
  • Organic reach is dependent on posts being relevant and increasing eyeball views.
  • Newsfeeds – Mobile: only the first 3 lines of text show up with smaller image sizes; Desktop: Vastly reduced organic reach for business pages above the fold.

Ranking, Improving Organic Reach and Maximum Organic Reach:


  • How long you have been active on Facebook
  • % of followers who have engaged with posts and your business page
  • Consistency of posts
  • How much your page engages with it’s followers

Improving Organic Reach:

  • NO click bait
  • Interesting content
  • Create posts that people want to share
  • Make your videos a max of 3 minutes long
  • Use images
  • Avoid outbound links

Building Interaction:

  • Respond to messages and comments within 24 hours
  • Leverage low cost ads
  • DO NOT push people to buy a product or service
  • No promos, giveaways or contests
  • No outbound content
  • DO NOT boost posts – they have a very low conversion value; and boosting does not target the users who are most likely to purchase

What will your maximum organic reach be, even with playing within the above parameters?

  • Maximum organic reach will be between 1.6 and 2%

What can you do to target those most likely to buy from you? Stay tuned for our next article!

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