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Make the Most of Your Website SEO – Tip of the Day

Everyone wants more search engine visibility, especially with the plethora of companies taking up the first page of Google with their paid advertisements. There seems to be no room for any organic first page of Google results. Well, I have news for you.

There is an extremely logical work around to all this. Yes it involves some sweat equity and a good bit of time, but if you want the first and second page visibility results in Google, it’s worth it.

Instead of cranking out hundreds of new pages on your website, which will all take time to get indexed and ranked and showing up decently, simply improve the pages you’ve already got out there.

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No matter whether your existing website pages are geo targeted, niche audience targeted, or whatever, your existing pages have far more cyber real estate value than new pages. The longer your website pages have been out there, the better your chance of gaining higher search engine visibility with this method.

First step is you need to closely examine your Google Analytics search console queries every few days. These are the terms that people are actually typing in that bring up your website. These are the real person search terms that people are using to search.

Next, since Google loves fresh content, simply rework your existing website pages with fresh content by incorporating the search console queries as noted above as they relate to your business, whether it is retail, wholesale, or service oriented such as attorney website seo. .

If your current SEO provider doesn’t already do this for you, you’re losing money and potential clients / customers. It may be time to switch up your game.

It’s no different than periodically switching up your product tags in your Etsy shop so you reach a wider audience of potential customers.

Yes, it takes time, brain power and a clear understanding of your business and where you want it to go. But oh so worth it.

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