Maureen McCullough LLC works with 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations to increase search engine visibility, fundraising capabilities and improve your marketing strategies.

Headquartered in Hackensack New Jersey, we have the technology, connections and resources to help you grow your nonprofit with innovative strategies for success.

We work with nonprofit organizations locally and across the United States either as a marketing strategist mentor on retainer, or, teaching you in our online learning courses what you need to know. You may register for either of our courses.

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How we can help you:

  • Register your organization for FREE advertising grants of up to $10K a month. Geo-targeting extends your ads to exactly the right audience. YOURS.
  • Work with your Board of Directors and team to create a cohesive and effective marketing strategy and strong effective fundraisers
  • Improve your social media presence across several lucrative venues
  • Reach more donors online through strategic and innovative marketing techniques
  • Run multifaceted campaigns that reach donors in a multitude of ways
  • Design fundraising programs that encourage donor retention as well as more visibility for your organization
  • Engage with and obtain supporters and sponsors for your organization
  • Track and measure donor engagement and support for a variety of highly targeted marketing and appeals
  • Run regular SEO audits on your current website to ensure maximum search engine visibility in Google

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Maureen McCullough’s history of working with nonprofit organizations:

In the summer of 2011, I was contacted by Douglas DiPaola from Harrington Park New Jersey about building a website for his newly formed nonprofit, Homes For Veterans. We met and hit it off right away, and so our working relationship and friendship was born.

For the next 9 years I was involved with many aspects of the organization, from the website and marketing to brainstorming and fundraising.

Unfortunately, Douglas DiPaola passed away Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020 from COVID19. Goodbye my friend, and rest well. You helped so many veterans with the housing they needed.

While I am no longer with Homes For Veterans, I have been helping many nonprofit organizations around the United States obtain that much needed funding, ensuring that their websites are high quality and search engine optimized, and implementing marketing strategies that align with their goals for success, as I describe above.

It is my hope that I can help your nonprofit in much the same way, and I look forward to working with you!

Call or text us today at 201.753.1677 or 201.523.4332 to see how we can help your nonprofit take it to the next level of success.