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Why a High Quality Resume is So Important

Why is a high quality resume so very important to your career? We’ll give you some tips right here on why you should have the best resume writing service you can afford in your back pocket.

A resume is needed in order to get an interview. It’s part of the application process. And, if you are chosen, that actual resume may be used in the interview itself. You want to have the best possible chance at the starting gate.

A high quality resume is absolutely essential to help the hiring manager decide if you are a good match for the position. A resume is either eyeballed by the hiring manager or scanned for specific keywords as applicable to the position.

If eyeballed, the hiring manager can tell in 15 seconds if you are a prospective match. That’s it. You have 15 seconds. If scanned, the keywords used in your resume will need to be a good match to the pre-chosen keywords in the scan.

If not, it’s just a big NO. On the other hand, if a match is found, it’s a nice happy YES.

Your resume tells the prospective employer about you, your work history, your skill set, and what you bring to the table in terms of being a good fit for the position. This is mission critical.

Bottom line your first impression is your most important one. And that first impression is your resume.

Maureen McCullough LLC has been preparing resumes and cover letters for over 15 years. We’ve taken on some tough clients, most notably those who did something they loved 30 years ago, and now want to go back to that chosen line of work. We’ve also taken clients with scattered work histories and worked them up to be cohesive and impressive to land them the job.

Whatever your resume and cover letter situation is, we can help.

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