Did Your Business Just Get a Less Than Stellar Review?

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Did your business just get a lousy review on Google or Facebook? Did you just get dinged with a one star review? What exactly can you do about it anyway? Negative reviews have to be handled with restraint and professionalism. … Read More

Clothing Style Fashion Boutique Custom E-Commerce Website Design

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Looking to get yourself a new clothing, style or fashion e-commerce website or upgrade your current website design to something more robust and personalized?  We’ll design a fully customized boutique Clothing Style Fashion e-commerce website for you on WordPress, loaded … Read More

Reputation Management is Critical For Your Business Success

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So many business owners think that reputation management means just getting reviews on Google or Facebook, but in reality it’s so much more than that.  Reputation management is exactly what it says – managing your online reputation. It encompasses all … Read More

Launch of HousesontheHudson.com Website

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Happy 4th of July everyone! We hope the entrepreneurial spirit of our Founding Fathers 242 years ago in asserting their independence and creating the startup nation, the United States of America, inspires you to achieve great things with your dreams! … Read More

Do You Sell on Amazon or eBay? Want More Sales?

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Whether you are an experienced Amazon or eBay seller or a newbie, the common goal across the board is to get more sales. Anyone who disputes this needs to get out more and get a life! How do you accomplish … Read More

Attorney Retention of Website Pages New Jersey Proposed Amendment

One of my attorney clients called me with news of a proposed amendment for New Jersey lawyers. It is the Rules of Professional Conduct 7.2(b) Attorney Retention of Website Pages for which lawyers would be required to retain backups of their … Read More

Your Website is Costing You Hundreds of Dollars in Sales

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Whether you are an attorney, small law firm, online retailer, or a small business providing goods or services to your customer base, the very idea that your website is costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in sales is … Read More

Real Estate Agent Website Design Brand Coaching

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Bergen, Morris and Sussex County real estate agent website design and brand marketing coaching for maximum traffic and sales. Affordable, and essentially priceless for your success. Are you a real estate agent who really wants to ramp up your business … Read More

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