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Class – Social Media Facebook Instagram Ads



This is an Online Learning Course on Social Media – Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Ads. The class is a hands on, 3 Hour 1:1 Coaching Session via Zoom complete with screen sharing and recording so you can make the most of what we are teaching you.

I complete an extremely thorough audit and evaluation of your current Facebook and Instagram Business Accounts, how you post, what you post, along with several other critical details.

In this course you are taught to post on social media with purpose, to make a plan and how to stick to it. You are also taught how to evolve your plan and purpose as your audience and reach grows, and as your general exposure grows.

What you get:

  • This online learning course teaches you the ins and outs of posting on social media like a boss using Meta Business Suite and the Meta Campaign Planner.
  • You learn about scheduling posts on both Facebook and Instagram, proper usage of hashtags, utilizing different styles of posting and analyzing your audience.
  • You learn important valuable techniques when placing cost effective, niche targeted ads that get you the most bang for your buck.
  • You learn how to avoid:
    • Many people post haphazardly, randomly and without a clear distinct purpose on social media.
    • Many people don’t know what to post. Many social media message are not clear.
    • In most cases, social media marketing is not effective and is not achieving the purpose that it was meant to.
    • On social media, you are either posting to become an influencer or you are posting to grow your business. Not many people recognize the difference.
    • Let me show you hands on how to remedy this and post effectively and successfully.

We meet once a week for 3 (three) weeks. Each meeting is a 1 (one) hour Zoom meeting  – to be used within 3 (three) weeks of eval – to discuss my audit and evaluation so that I may address any questions you may have.

You also receive a prioritized list of items that need taking care of in easy to understand language. Each week we knock off several items from the list.

Don’t let inaction, confusion, and whatnot stand between you and using social media successfully to either become an influencer or to generate interest and sales for your business. With 20+ years of e-commerce and search engine optimization experience under my belt, a positive attitude and a non-judgmental style, I’m here to help.

You may include up to 2 team members at no additional cost.

***Please Note: In order to take this online learning course, you MUST have your own website, and you need to let us know your Social Media Experience level when adding this to your cart. This will allow me to customize your learning plan.

Upon receipt of your order we will reach out to you to schedule your Zoom class meetings.

Call or text us at 201.753.1677 or 201.523.4332 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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