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Google My Business Reviews Not Showing Up What to Do?

Did a client just leave you a review on Google My Business but it is not showing up? Did you receive the email from Google only to click the blue “Read Review” button and be told the review couldn’t be found?

Frustrating, yes. The end of the world, no. Want to know how to fix this hiccup in the Google galaxy?

These instructions are for the computer.

Login to your Google My Business page. Click on your business listing link. Then in the left column scroll all the way down and choose Support.

In the popup window that comes up to your right, at the bottom choose “need more help”.

Then choose “customer reviews and photos”. After that choose “other requests about reviews”.

You are brought to a Contact Us page. Choose request callback. Enter the information they ask for.

They call you back almost immediately.

When speaking to the rep, explain clearly that your client left you a review, you got the email notification about the review, and when you clicked on the link in the email, the review was not visible. Just remain calm and be polite and professional. It is very easy to become agitated and whatnot because it’s your business. Don’t do it.

They may put you on a brief hold. When they come back on the phone, refresh your reviews page. It’s a hiccup in the system (theirs) that updates don’t happen right away. They’ll tell you it could take 7-14 days for the review to show.

But if you update your reviews screen, there it is! And subsequent reviews show up right away once they do whatever they’ve done in the background.

We have found that requesting a Google callback no matter what the problem was is far better than poking around in the forum and hoping you’ll find the answer. It’s YOUR business and who wants to wait and hope it gets taken care of magically. Take the bull by the horns and address the issue with them. In most cases, it works out quite well.

Still need help? We’ll be happy to deal with Google on your behalf.

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