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Tip of the Day – Sales Psychology 101 – Part 14

Welcome to our 15 part mini course on Sales Psychology! Let’s talk about your shop policies. Specifically returns, refunds, exchanges, damages, and buyers remorse. A lot of this will depend on how excellent your product photography is, how accurate your descriptions are, and what you are willing to deal with. Always remember your customers are buying your product sight unseen. If your pictures are not the best they can be, if your product descriptions are not accurate and detailed, you will have problems. On the flip side of the coin, there are always customer issues such as buyers remorse because they wore the item to an event and now want to return it, etc. You need to define your boundaries in your shop policies.

Tip of the Day - Sales Psychology 101 - Part 14 - Maureen McCullough LLC Etsy SEO Business Coach


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