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Why Your New Jersey Law Firm Would Benefit From Expert SEO and Marketing

And why expert SEO and marketing for law firms doesn’t have to break the bank.

Many local Bergen County and New Jersey law firms think that expert SEO (search engine optimization) and marketing will break their budget and their bank account. Not so.

We get it. In business over 20 years, we’ve seen ups and downs in the economy, but never like what we are going through now with COVID19. In New Jersey most of the courts are still closed and are conducting business remotely. Which means you, as an attorney, are working from home or in your office but have no need to appear in court, in most cases.

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How would expert organic SEO will help your law firm rank higher in Google and get you more eyeballs and potential clients?

We work with many local Bergen and Morris County New Jersey attorneys, helping them drill down their areas of practice to target specific niche audiences.

A common mistake among attorneys and small or solo practice law firms is that they feel they have to “do it all” and have not taken the time to analyze their practice. You cannot do it all because then you are a jack of all trades and a master of none.

Our organic SEO practices help you target your niche audience or audiences by virtue of prioritizing your areas of practice.

We then fine tune your areas of practice with specific verbiage that the search engines will pick up and rank you for, organically and ethically.

Content is king. Keeping your website updated with fresh and relevant content is crucial to the success of your law firm, in gaining more eyeballs, and in getting that phone to ring.

The real trick is to get that phone to ring more and more often with qualified leads.

We all know there will always be tire kickers out there who just want the cheapest lawyer around and expect you to cut them a deal on fees. Or who think it would be better just to represent themselves. As in “But why do I need a lawyer? I’ll just represent myself.”

Our organic SEO and marketing strategy is to optimize your law firm website to it’s maximum potential so that it targets the client who not only needs your services but is willing to pay for them.

The end goal is that when your phone rings, in most cases it’s a qualified lead you can convert to a client.

And what does organic marketing do for your law firm or small / solo law practice?

Everything. By maximizing your presence on your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn business pages, and your Twitter account, you engage with the people who are most interested in what you have to offer.

Consistent posting on relevant law topics, use of correct hashtags (we do the research and implement) gets you the much needed eyeballs and networking connections.

Use of correct and relevant tags on blog posts gets you additional search engine visibility.

What’s not to love?

Do I have to pay thousands of dollars like the big law firms do? Do I have to use expensive pay per click advertising?

No, and no. Our exclusive organic system of SEO and marketing is priced very affordably to NOT break your bank account.

We do not utilize pay per click advertising. Everything we offer law firms and small or solo law firms is done using ethical, organic, time proven techniques.

Our system sets you apart from the rest of the legal beagles out there and allows you to carve your own niche. Affordably.

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