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Your Etsy Expert: Have You Disappeared From Page One of Etsy Search?

Have you disappeared from page one and page two of Etsy Search? It’s not uncommon but it can certainly be an uncomfortable feeling. It’s not the end of the world either. This too can be fixed.

Many Etsy shop owners become complacent and copy and paste hundreds of listings without doing the required research to make sure they are using the most relevant tags and titles for their particular product. Algorithms change over time, also, relevant search terms used by consumers change over time as well.

What might have worked great last year or six months ago may not be so relevant any more.

On Etsy, as with Google or any major search engine, it’s all about rising to the top of the pile and being relevant. During slow times, such as summertime, you may not get the sales but you still need the eyeballs. You still need to stand out and being on page one and page two is what it’s all about. No eyeballs, no sales.

Summertime is a great time to fine tune your Etsy shop, or your e-commerce website for that matter.

However, once a year is not enough! Realistically, your products on Etsy need to be fine tuned on a consistent, steady basis. Monthly is optimal. This way you keep up with any algorithm changes as well as consumer search changes which can literally be like shifting sands on the beach.

The most important part of getting the eyeballs is by using extremely relevant product titles and tags. When we search engine optimize our clients Etsy shops, we spend quite a lot of time researching the absolute most relevant title words and tags for each client’s particular product.

Yes, it is time consuming, and a bit intense! But the rewards for our clients are worth it!

Again, in the summertime, when everyone is out and about and not really shopping so much, it’s admittedly a bit slow. But right after the kids go back to school in September and Mom has time to shop, watch things take off!!

September is the beginning of Christmas shopping season so it makes perfect sense that your products should be as fine tuned as possible.

Is your Etsy shop in need of fine tuning with titles and tags so you get out onto page one and two of Etsy search?

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