How to Stay Ahead Organically on Facebook and Instagram with New Algorithms

As almost everyone who follows social media is aware, the Facebook algorithm has changed and presents serious implications for organic reach to both business users of Facebook and Instagram.

We can break it down for you here:

  • Organic targeting depends on relevance of posts. Organic reach will be vastly reduced only reaching 6.5% of the users in Facebook groups.
  • Organic reach is dependent on posts being relevant and increasing eyeball views.
  • Newsfeeds – Mobile: only the first 3 lines of text show up with smaller image sizes; Desktop: Vastly reduced organic reach for business pages above the fold.

Ranking, Improving Organic Reach and Maximum Organic Reach:


  • How long you have been active on Facebook
  • % of followers who have engaged with posts and your business page
  • Consistency of posts
  • How much your page engages with it’s followers

Improving Organic Reach:

  • NO click bait
  • Interesting content
  • Create posts that people want to share
  • Make your videos a max of 3 minutes long
  • Use images
  • Avoid outbound links

Building Interaction:

  • Respond to messages and comments within 24 hours
  • Leverage low cost ads
  • DO NOT push people to buy a product or service
  • No promos, giveaways or contests
  • No outbound content
  • DO NOT boost posts – they have a very low conversion value; and boosting does not target the users who are most likely to purchase

What will your maximum organic reach be, even with playing within the above parameters?

  • Maximum organic reach will be between 1.6 and 2%

What can you do to target those most likely to buy from you? Stay tuned for our next article!

If you need help with your social media marketing give us a call or text us at 201.753.1677



Maximizing Your Etsy Product Listings

Although there are a ton of help articles out there designed to help Etsy sellers maximize their product listings, many Etsy sellers are still confused and / or not sure how to best maximize their listings.

Here are a few practical tips to help Etsy sellers out:

  • Take the absolute best product pictures you can.
  • If shooting outdoors, take advantage of the natural glare free light of a cloudy day. That's right! Bright sunshine casts shadows and picks up and reflects surrounding colors that may not be the best surrounding for your products. Put up white background or use a photo box and shoot your pictures on a bright but cloudy day. Notice if you are casting any sort of shadow and reposition yourself.
  • If shooting indoors, use photo lamps and bulbs, use a white background or photo box, AND take advantage of natural light from a window. If your photos are picking up a greenish or bluish cast, you are picking up too much light and therefore reflections such as grass and sky. Then just rely on your photo lamps and make sure you are using cool temperature photo bulbs. Your best bet is to use 45 watt, 6500K pure white fluorescent daylight bulbs.
  • Depending on your products, staging them appropriately may help with the end game presentation to the consumer.
  • Even though you may shoot on a white background, the end result does NOT have to be stark white, as evidenced in the photos below of my own jewelry.
  • Your pictures should be maximized to 2000 pixels on the short side, at 72dpi. Alternatively you can size them around 1500 pixels at 300dpi. I personally prefer to clean up each of my photos and resize to maximize the product clarity at 300dpi but that is a personal preference.
  • Do your due diligence and research similar products from similar sellers. Add the appropriate keywords to your product title so it can be found as widely as possible.
  • Mention your title again in your description and write a clear concise description with appropriate details.
  • Utilize your product keywords by again, doing your due diligence and see what other sellers are using. Your keywords should be words that people would use in a search to find and bring up your products.

You will notice I prefer my backgrounds to NOT be stark white and sometimes, in certain circumstances I like to play with the light and dark shadows that accentuate sparkle or other features.

If you need help with your Etsy shop give us a call or text us at 201.753.1677

Join Our Shop Local Directory Extra Exposure For Your Business

During this unsure, difficult time thanks to our unseen but deadly enemy COVID19, many small businesses are learning to navigate a new normal and are finding ways to re-invent what they do, move ahead and prosper. After what we have all been through it is no longer enough to survive, we need to find ways to thrive.

And what we, at Shop Local Directory have done, is establish extremely affordable membership tiers to make getting extra exposure for small businesses easier and more effective. Our directory comes without the hefty initial fees, monthly fees and yet more fees for add on services.

Instead, we offer a very affordable yearly fee for small business owners to promote their businesses.

And what comes with that affordable yearly fee?

Depending on the level you choose you get some or all of these benefits:

  • Expert search engine optimization
  • Ability to receive online reviews from your customers
  • You can network with other businesses
  • Link to your website and social media platforms
  • Generate business leads
  • Upload audio and video files to promote your business
  • Create coupons – events – job listings – classifieds
  • Upload photo albums and property listings.

Find out more by checking out Our Shop Local Directory here. During the sign up process you will be prompted for your coupon code which is MMLLC.

Any questions let us know. Text us at 201.753.1677.

7 Tips For Retail Adjustment to COVID19 and Survival

The world as we knew it in early March of 2020 is over. Life will never be the same after the devastating onslaught of the deadly COVID19 pandemic which was and still is ravaging the world. Despite this, the retail sector can rise from the ashes like the phoenix with an adjustment in mindset and a new approach to flexibility and innovation.

The retail sector has been hit particularly hard. Prior to COVID19, retail was starting to get pummeled and feel the pressure from online shopping. Now, the retail sector is facing one of it’s biggest, if not it’s absolute biggest challenges. How to stay alive.

As society begins to slowly recover from COVID19, people are reluctant to come out and mingle. Yes, they want their state governments to reopen the parks, because getting out in fresh air and nature is good for the mind, body and soul. Going shopping in the mall……….. eh, not so much.

Most people see the common sense in social distancing. And in a mall you are not going to get that. In a restaurant you are not going to get that. And who really wants a resurgence of COVID19? Who wants to take that chance? Nobody I know. Better to shop online via e-commerce and let UPS and Fedex and USPS deliver.

Retail Shopping After COVID19

Here are 7 tips for those of you in the retail sector so you can survive and one day prosper again.

1 – Re-purpose your current brick and mortar facility

Depending on what you sell in your physical location, re-purpose your store to become more of a mini manufacturing and shipping facility. If  you are in the food business, you can accommodate some shoppers properly socially distanced. However, that’s not gonna float the boat. Offer take out and delivery, or if you can ship your food product, start taking orders and shipping out. Other types of businesses will need to brainstorm and see if this is a viable means of keeping your ship afloat. If you can ship out or take local orders and deliver your products, give it a whirl.

2 – Close your brick and mortar facility

There is no shame in doing so. If you cannot make your shop become financially sustainable, shut the doors before the whole operation starts sucking the life out of you. However, no matter what you sell in your store, you absolutely MUST consider step 3. It ain’t over yet.

3 – Re-purpose your retail brick and mortar business into an online business

This will, down the road, save your business. There is some time, effort and planning involved, but well worth it. Don’t sit on this option too long. Make it happen.

4 – Consider your online options

Depending on your product, price point and ability to ship economically, you have many good online options. Your own e-commerce website, Etsy (handmade, vintage or supplies), eBay and Amazon. Don’t jump into any one option without careful consideration. They are NOT one size fits all.

5 – Build your empire slowly one venue at a time

I have so many new clients who have jumped into this option without advice and consultation and found themselves neck deep in waters they don’t understand how to navigate. Easy does it folks. You don’t want to drown.

6 – Build your brand

Nothing is more important than for you to build your brand. What does that mean exactly? Establish a memorable logo and tagline, and even if you need to trademark your identity, do it. Figure out who you are, how you want to attract customers, and express that in a consistently memorable way across your venues and throughout social media.

7 – Build your influence and your customer base

As you grow, you’ll be building your influence and customer base. As you do this, you can move on to the next phase of another venue to sell on. Start small, get a foothold and then you can move on to play with the big boys in their playground.

What is the new future for the retail industry during and post COVID19?

Online. E-commerce. Period end of story. Either your online endeavors will accompany your brick and mortar efforts and help you float the boat, or, your online endeavors will open up a whole new world order for your empire.


You will need a trusted advisor to help you set all of this up. Someone who is an expert in their field. Expert doesn’t mean top dollar it means top quality and top of the line knowledge. You get what you pay for.

We are in business for 20 years. Navigated many of our clients through the crash of 2008. Very few decided to throw in the towel.

Here is how Maureen McCullough LLC can help you:

  • E-commerce website design – easy for your customers to find what they want, pay for it, and leave testimonials and reviews
  • Website maintenance for enhanced security and to “keep it fresh”
  • Customized Etsy shop design
  • Customized eBay store layouts
  • Establishing your brand – one of the most critical ingredients in your plan for success
  • Highly optimized SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website, Etsy shop, eBay store, or Amazon listings
  • Ongoing optimized SEO tweaking – an absolute necessity in an ever changing, highly competitive fluid environment
  • Product descriptions and product titles – this is a science unto itself, if you want to rise through the ranks, for best visibility
  • Email marketing campaigns to reinforce your brand
  • Social media marketing – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Listing in a trusted Shop Local Directory for maximum exposure
  • Personalized consulting targeted for your business, your targeted audience, and your business goals
  • Longtime experience as an Etsy, eBay, Amazon and WordPress expert

Contact us today to learn one on one how we can help you and your retail business to not only survive COVID19 but prosper!

Call or text us at 201.753.1677

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Amazon SEO Expert – 12 Reasons Why You Need An Expert Business Coach

Why do you need an Amazon SEO Expert? Amazon sellers who want business success more than once a year during the holidays utilize affordable expert, personalized niche SEO strategies with titles, keywords, descriptions, marketing, competitor reviews and more.

Here are 12 reasons why you need an expert Amazon Consultant and Business Coach. 

1 –

20 years of search engine optimization experience, with a thorough understanding of how search engines operate

2 –

We carve out a niche for you and your products

3 –

We create a relevant SEO and Marketing plan for your particular Amazon business with your input.

4 –

Identification of ten main competitors and their reviews. Super important!

5 –

Extensive longtail keyword research and relevant usage in your listings of keywords people actually use.

6 –

We minimize tirekickers who come to your listings and leave because it’s not what they thought it was. This takes your rankings out. Not what we want.

7 –

Enhancement of your Amazon titles, keywords and descriptions again tailored to your particular Amazon store and product listings.

8 –

We create a “freshness” schedule for your listings. You are rewarded by both Amazon and Google for freshness with improved search engine visibility resulting in traffic.

9 –

A solid SEO conversion strategy. Which will be tweaked as often as necessary until we achieve what we call “sweet spot” success.

10 –

Utilization of Social Media and landing pages as part of your SEO visibility strategy.

11 –

Regular evaluations of all strategies to see which ones are working for you and which aren’t plus appropriate Plan B’s and tweaking.

12 –

Solid Branding reinforcement across all of your venues. Graphic design that establishes YOUR BRAND to the world.

Because of our extensive experience with longtail keywords, we have had good results that come up in searches as quickly as 2 weeks to 2 months. Some results happen almost immediately.


It’s all about search engine visibility. Search Engine Visibility = Sales = Success.  Even though Amazon is NOT a niche venue, your Amazon business will benefit from a niche SEO and Marketing strategy designed just for your Amazon store and your listings.

What is the benefit of deciding to work with Maureen McCullough LLC, in business for 20 years with a proven reputation and client retention rate of 90%?

We draw up an SEO and Marketing plan tailored specifically to the needs of YOUR business which is completely unique.

Your Amazon business needs and deserves a customized plan of action so we can help take your business to the next level of success.

Give us a call or text us today at 201.753.1677 to get started.

Reputation Management – Google Reviews vs. Reviews Submitted via Email Directly

When dealing with reputation management – which is basically summed up as the quality of your online reviews – clients seem to get stuck on whether Google reviews are better or reviews emailed in from their customers are better. After all, a review is a review, right?

Wrong. Couldn’t be more wrong.

Although I understand that some of my clients customers may not be as tech savvy as we’d like them to be, and therefore they may be more comfortable with simply emailing my client their review for a job well done, there’s always a way to make it easier for them to leave my client a Google review.

Why the strong emphasis on Google reviews, you ask?

Instant credibility. That’s what it’s all about. Potential customers look your business up on Google. They see 5 or 20 reviews, most if not all 5 star reviews, and they are much more likely to contact that business than a business with no reviews at all. This isn’t a standard rule of thumb, as many potential customers will give someone a chance even with no reviews.

However in most cases, the 5 star reviews are what trigger the phone calls. It’s instant credibility as opposed to going on a fishing expedition of various websites and searching to see if they have reviews from satisfied clients. No one has time for that these days.

What we do is set up a testimonials or reviews page on our clients websites just to have something there. We post a number of their Google reviews, usually with a disclaimer that the reviews are REAL reviews from real people and they can be verified by clicking here. “Here” being a link back to the clients Google reviews on their My Business listing.

We also put a link on the same page encouraging the visitor to leave a Google review for the client by putting a direct link to the Leave a Review area on their Google My Business listing. This is useful for those customers that my client will ask to leave a Google review. My client simply directs them to the testimonials page on their website, and all they have to do is click that link and leave their review directly on Google.

This cuts down the confusion of “where do I go” for those who are not so tech savvy.

This simple procedure makes it easy to get more Google reviews. It also eliminates the email form which may or may not work, the email going into spam and my client never seeing it, and then passing it on over to me to post on their website. A clunky out of date process at best.

So, for efficient, quick and transparent reputation management we suggest Google Reviews vs emailed reviews. And, responding to all reviews – positive or negative – is always great PR for your business!

If you need help with any aspect of your reputation management issues for your business, do not hesitate to contact us via phone or text at 201.753.1677.

Learn Website Design and More Bergen County NJ

Learn Website Design, SEO, E-Commerce, Social Media, Etsy, Marketing Bergen County NJ

Do you want to learn how to design a website? Learn the ins and outs of quality SEO – search engine optimization? How about designing e-commerce websites? Or become proficient in social media marketing? Do you own an Etsy shop?

We offer one on one tutoring services for all of the above. Learn WordPress from the bottom up, and learn to create amazing websites with full responsive capabilities including e-commerce.

Learn about:

  • WordPress
  • Mail Chimp
  • Website design including e-commerce
  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Etsy Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Using Google Analytics and Search Console
  • How to keep your website and computer secure
  • How to pick a good relevant catchy domain name
  • Understand website hosting in and out
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Ensuring your website pages are all responsive and look good on all devices
  • More good stuff …….

Find out more here.


Why is Website Maintenance So Important?

Website maintenance is one of the most important ways to keep your beautifully designed website safe and secure and make a transparent seamless experience for your e-commerce customers or clients looking for your services.

This is one of the areas that I see many new clients of mine have completely and totally neglected. When I take them on, the back ends of their WordPress websites are in complete shambles. Plugins not updated for weeks or months, WordPress itself not updated, tons of spam comments because either comments were not disabled or because spammers found a backdoor.

Fashion Clothing Retail Boutique

Many of these websites have been injected with drive by malware as well.

Why is this and what does website maintenance have to do with it all anyways?

The reason plugins have constant updates is to improve functionality, apply security patches, and provide improvements in usability and enhancements. Conscientious plugin authors keep up with the latest and greatest antics of those who would attack your website through spam and malware.

Consistent website maintenance, done on a monthly basis, affords you the following positive aspects and peace of mind:

  • On the front end, fresh content creation and fresh visuals are especially important for businesses that rely on visuals to attract new clients and customers
  • In the back end, your website needs constant updating for security reasons – updates, security patches and bug fixes
  • No need for you to have any technical knowledge – no worrying about applications not functioning properly or mistakenly bringing your site down
  • Fresh content is a super important search engine optimization technique since you are giving your website visitors and the search engines a solid reason to come back

Whether your website is brand new and just went live, or you have an established website that’s been out there for some time, there is no sitting back relaxing. One of the biggest reasons that websites fail to generate phone calls, traffic and sales is because the website has not been kept up to date and the content is not fresh.

Old, stale pages and content reduce website traffic quickly. As noted above in bullet point #4, fresh content is a super important search engine optimization technique since you are giving your website visitors and the search engines a solid reason to come back.

Maureen McCullough LLC offers an affordable website maintenance program for small and medium business owners. We work with you to determine exactly what you need, be it just website maintenance alone or in addition to email marketing campaigns, SEO, social media marketing and website marketing.

We combine these services in one affordable package for you so you can have peace of mind and you don’t need to stress over your website in addition to running your business!

Our website maintenance package is perfect for all industries – construction, painters, landscapers, electricians, photographers, bakeries, bars, restaurants, antique and vintage, baby and kids, clothing retailers, attorneys, real estate, non profit organizations and more.

From uploading project images, menus, product images, blog posts, social media and more, it’s all about giving potential clients and customers a reason to visit your website and keep coming back.

Traffic = phone calls = sales.

In business for 18+ years, we have created long term relationships with our clients built on trust. Give us a call or text us today at 201.753.1677 or 551.245.7611 and let’s discuss how we can help you with your website maintenance needs.

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