Reputation Management – Google Reviews vs. Reviews Submitted via Email Directly

When dealing with reputation management – which is basically summed up as the quality of your online reviews – clients seem to get stuck on whether Google reviews are better or reviews emailed in from their customers are better. After all, a review is a review, right?

Wrong. Couldn’t be more wrong.

Although I understand that some of my clients customers may not be as tech savvy as we’d like them to be, and therefore they may be more comfortable with simply emailing my client their review for a job well done, there’s always a way to make it easier for them to leave my client a Google review.

Why the strong emphasis on Google reviews, you ask?

Instant credibility. That’s what it’s all about. Potential customers look your business up on Google. They see 5 or 20 reviews, most if not all 5 star reviews, and they are much more likely to contact that business than a business with no reviews at all. This isn’t a standard rule of thumb, as many potential customers will give someone a chance even with no reviews.

However in most cases, the 5 star reviews are what trigger the phone calls. It’s instant credibility as opposed to going on a fishing expedition of various websites and searching to see if they have reviews from satisfied clients. No one has time for that these days.

What we do is set up a testimonials or reviews page on our clients websites just to have something there. We post a number of their Google reviews, usually with a disclaimer that the reviews are REAL reviews from real people and they can be verified by clicking here. “Here” being a link back to the clients Google reviews on their My Business listing.

We also put a link on the same page encouraging the visitor to leave a Google review for the client by putting a direct link to the Leave a Review area on their Google My Business listing. This is useful for those customers that my client will ask to leave a Google review. My client simply directs them to the testimonials page on their website, and all they have to do is click that link and leave their review directly on Google.

This cuts down the confusion of “where do I go” for those who are not so tech savvy.

This simple procedure makes it easy to get more Google reviews. It also eliminates the email form which may or may not work, the email going into spam and my client never seeing it, and then passing it on over to me to post on their website. A clunky out of date process at best.

So, for efficient, quick and transparent reputation management we suggest Google Reviews vs emailed reviews. And, responding to all reviews – positive or negative – is always great PR for your business!

If you need help with any aspect of your reputation management issues for your business, do not hesitate to contact us via phone or text at 201.753.1677.

Learn Website Design and More Bergen County NJ

Learn Website Design, SEO, E-Commerce, Social Media, Etsy, Marketing Bergen County NJ

Do you want to learn how to design a website? Learn the ins and outs of quality SEO – search engine optimization? How about designing e-commerce websites? Or become proficient in social media marketing? Do you own an Etsy shop?

We offer one on one tutoring services for all of the above. Learn WordPress from the bottom up, and learn to create amazing websites with full responsive capabilities including e-commerce.

Learn about:

  • WordPress
  • Mail Chimp
  • Website design including e-commerce
  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Etsy Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Using Google Analytics and Search Console
  • How to keep your website and computer secure
  • How to pick a good relevant catchy domain name
  • Understand website hosting in and out
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Ensuring your website pages are all responsive and look good on all devices
  • More good stuff …….

Find out more here.


Why is Website Maintenance So Important?

Website maintenance is one of the most important ways to keep your beautifully designed website safe and secure and make a transparent seamless experience for your e-commerce customers or clients looking for your services.

This is one of the areas that I see many new clients of mine have completely and totally neglected. When I take them on, the back ends of their WordPress websites are in complete shambles. Plugins not updated for weeks or months, WordPress itself not updated, tons of spam comments because either comments were not disabled or because spammers found a backdoor.

Fashion Clothing Retail Boutique

Many of these websites have been injected with drive by malware as well.

Why is this and what does website maintenance have to do with it all anyways?

The reason plugins have constant updates is to improve functionality, apply security patches, and provide improvements in usability and enhancements. Conscientious plugin authors keep up with the latest and greatest antics of those who would attack your website through spam and malware.

Consistent website maintenance, done on a monthly basis, affords you the following positive aspects and peace of mind:

  • On the front end, fresh content creation and fresh visuals are especially important for businesses that rely on visuals to attract new clients and customers
  • In the back end, your website needs constant updating for security reasons – updates, security patches and bug fixes
  • No need for you to have any technical knowledge – no worrying about applications not functioning properly or mistakenly bringing your site down
  • Fresh content is a super important search engine optimization technique since you are giving your website visitors and the search engines a solid reason to come back

Whether your website is brand new and just went live, or you have an established website that’s been out there for some time, there is no sitting back relaxing. One of the biggest reasons that websites fail to generate phone calls, traffic and sales is because the website has not been kept up to date and the content is not fresh.

Old, stale pages and content reduce website traffic quickly. As noted above in bullet point #4, fresh content is a super important search engine optimization technique since you are giving your website visitors and the search engines a solid reason to come back.

Maureen McCullough LLC offers an affordable website maintenance program for small and medium business owners. We work with you to determine exactly what you need, be it just website maintenance alone or in addition to email marketing campaigns, SEO, social media marketing and website marketing.

We combine these services in one affordable package for you so you can have peace of mind and you don’t need to stress over your website in addition to running your business!

Our website maintenance package is perfect for all industries – construction, painters, landscapers, electricians, photographers, bakeries, bars, restaurants, antique and vintage, baby and kids, clothing retailers, attorneys, real estate, non profit organizations and more.

From uploading project images, menus, product images, blog posts, social media and more, it’s all about giving potential clients and customers a reason to visit your website and keep coming back.

Traffic = phone calls = sales.

In business for 18+ years, we have created long term relationships with our clients built on trust. Give us a call or text us today at 201.753.1677 or 551.245.7611 and let’s discuss how we can help you with your website maintenance needs.

Google My Business Reviews Not Showing Up What to Do?

Did a client just leave you a review on Google My Business but it is not showing up? Did you receive the email from Google only to click the blue “Read Review” button and be told the review couldn’t be found?

Frustrating, yes. The end of the world, no. Want to know how to fix this hiccup in the Google galaxy?

These instructions are for the computer.

Login to your Google My Business page. Click on your business listing link. Then in the left column scroll all the way down and choose Support.

In the popup window that comes up to your right, at the bottom choose “need more help”.

Then choose “customer reviews and photos”. After that choose “other requests about reviews”.

You are brought to a Contact Us page. Choose request callback. Enter the information they ask for.

They call you back almost immediately.

When speaking to the rep, explain clearly that your client left you a review, you got the email notification about the review, and when you clicked on the link in the email, the review was not visible. Just remain calm and be polite and professional. It is very easy to become agitated and whatnot because it’s your business. Don’t do it.

They may put you on a brief hold. When they come back on the phone, refresh your reviews page. It’s a hiccup in the system (theirs) that updates don’t happen right away. They’ll tell you it could take 7-14 days for the review to show.

But if you update your reviews screen, there it is! And subsequent reviews show up right away once they do whatever they’ve done in the background.

We have found that requesting a Google callback no matter what the problem was is far better than poking around in the forum and hoping you’ll find the answer. It’s YOUR business and who wants to wait and hope it gets taken care of magically. Take the bull by the horns and address the issue with them. In most cases, it works out quite well.

Still need help? Call or text us at 201.753.1677 and we’ll be happy to deal with Google on your behalf.


Would You Benefit from a Business Coach for Your Business?

Bergen County New Jersey personalized business coaching, start up and business expansion consulting. Our innovative strategies position you for success.

You will learn more from us in a one or two hour session than you could ever learn by trial and error. We keep things simple and straightforward. You walk away with a comprehensive business plan tailored to the needs of your business and your goals for growth.


small business growth


Business Coaching, Start Ups, Expansion Consulting – Take advantage of our 18+ years of knowledge, expertise and know how.

Time is money – why waste it and end up incurring more costs due to mistakes and wrong or outdated information? That’s why you go to a pro, so you can be guided, taught and empowered.

Business Coaching Basic Topics

  • Website advice – domain names, types of website hosting, e-commerce, SSL certificates and more
  • Branding, logo creation, it’s all about sending the right message
  • Social media – which venues are right for your business?
  • Social media handles – cohesive across the board branding
  • Trademarks
  • Packaging and package design
  • Product photography
  • Business cards, brochures, catalogs

What Business Coaching and Consulting Topics do we cover?

  • Start Up Businesses – all phases of development, funding, staffing, deployment, launching, and beyond
  • Existing Businesses – existing business issues, reputation management, business growth and evolution
  • Just an Idea Phase – exploration of all possibilities for your idea, including all listed under Start Ups above
  • Supplier and Wholesale Sourcing
  • E-Commerce – vetting the right online e-commerce venue for you
  • Location, location, location – vetting the right retail location for you
  • Contract Review
  • Business Plan Development and Review
  • Kicking It Up a Notch or Two – Is it time to grow and expand?
  • A/B testing and Market Analysis – what’s working, what’s not working and why
  • Streamlining your processes so you can work smarter not harder
  • Reputation Management

Call or text us at 201.753.1677 today. We provide business coaching and consulting to small businesses across the United States.

How to Handle Your Google My Business Listing Suspension

It’s happening more and more often. As we mentioned in an earlier blog article, Google My Business listings are able to be edited by anyone, from competitors who want nothing better than to take you down, to malicious SEO and marketing companies who want you out of the way so they can build up the positioning of their own clients on Google.

Parts of your Google My Business listing at most risk are your business name and / or address, phone number, hours, categories and website address. That can kill your business in a New York heartbeat.

When someone decides to edit your Google My Business listing, they click on Suggest an Edit. They have a choice of change name or other details such as name, location, hours, etc.
They also have a second, far scarier option. They have the option to “remove this place”. They can choose to mark your business as closed, nonexistent, or duplicate.

This will effectively be a nail in your coffin as your listing most likely will be suspended and could even be removed.

True non-compliance, which you may be honestly unknowing about that will get your Google My Business listing suspended are:

A) You are using a vanity url that forwards to your actual website. This is fine! BUT…… don’t use that vanity url in your GMB listing. Always use the actual website url in your GMB listing.

B) Your business name must be listed the same way it is on your business certificate from your state. Don’t inflate it with keywords hoping that you’ll get found faster. Instead of getting found faster, you’ll disappear because you got suspended.

C) Don’t hide your address.

D) Don’t create multiple listings for your business. If you run more than one “business” out of your house, make the listing for the one that is actually the business, such as your LLC. The other enterprises you run are actually divisions of the LLC.

E) Your business type is of sensitive nature. Better to check with us to see if your business is allowed on GMB.

F) No virtual office locations or mailboxes. Sometimes people do this to rank in multiple towns and counties. That’s what good quality landing pages on your website are for. Not your GMB listing.

G) You run an online business. Not a problem, just be sure to always have your business certificate available to show Google. The business name and address on the business certificate from your state MUST match the information on your GMB listing. Or else.

H) It is entirely possible you actually did nothing wrong and got suspended anyway. It does happen. Your industry may be one that gets spammed alot and the spam filter kicked you off.

The Google My Business reinstatement process is not guaranteed once you have been suspended. It generally takes a long time and a bit of back and forth with Google to become reinstated. And again, there are no guarantees.

GMB listings need to be checked daily. Business owners who are actually running their businesses don’t have time, generally won’t remember, and may not know what to do if some information has been altered by third parties claiming to be contributing an edit. Or worse yet, check in and find their listing has been suspended!

Then the business owner freaks out. Totally expected.

Our service monitors your GMB listing every day. We monitor for suggested changes, and of course for the dreaded suspension. If you get suspended we do not do what many website companies do, which is create another listing!! That just compounds the problem and the reinstatement, if it’s going to happen, just takes longer to happen.

We have a 100% reinstatement record. We understand what Google wants, and doesn’t want. Google will never tell you why you were suspended, playing the safe side that you were scamming the system so why should they help you get better at scamming? We get it. Our service knows what questions to ask, what to look for, and how to work with Google to fix the harm done.

Give us a call or text today at 201.753.1677 if your Google My Business listing has been compromised or suspended. We’ll help you get things back up and running.

Why We Include This Particular Graphic in EVERY eBook

Every eBook we create for free download or as a product you can buy includes this particular graphic that we created. Do you know why?

It’s called the Power of Positivity. In our world of increasingly negative thought processes and actions, I felt it was necessary to kick that to the curb with positive reinforcement.

Everywhere you go, there are people who have gotten sucked into the negative vortex. Angry drivers on the road, dissatisfied in the workplace and feeling there is no outlet, shooting up innocent people in mall’s across America.

At some point in time, this negativity really begins to affect one’s life and one’s business in the worst possible ways. Time for it to stop. Time for us to look beyond all of this and move forward.

Let’s go through our Positive Reinforcement Points one at a time.

You May Not Realize It. – You probably don’t because you are so bogged down in day to day strife and feelings of hopelessness.

You Hold Many Positive Possibilities In Your Hands – You can go through life with a glass half full mindset or a glass half empty mindset. it’s ALL about the mindset.

Manifest What You Want With Positive Thoughts – Yes this is something you can do. It’s not about wishing for a million dollars. It’s about keeping your thoughts positive at all times, and when your fears and worries get the better of you, putting them into the hands of your angels or higher beings that are always around to help you. That’s not hype. It actually works and gives you inner peace knowing that the more positive your thoughts are, the less negativity will be influencing your life.

Let Go of The Drama – Yup. Unless you are hell bent on being the Drama Queen or King, just dump the drama. Your higher spiritual calling does not include drama, so by dumping it you will shape your life positively in ways you could never imagine.

Don’t Take On Other People’s Projections of Their Fears and Anxieties – All too often, like everyday it seems, we are surrounded by other people who have fears and anxieties that are overwhelming them and stopping them from leading happier positive lives. We are surrounded with this 24/7!!! And because we are sympathetic, empathetic, or simply caring individuals, we often get sucked up into that negative vortex. And those fears and anxieties become US. Learn to put other peoples issues in perspective, put them OVER THERE, do what you need to do, but don’t let them become YOU.

Stay Away From the Hype – Instead of following the crowd, following the trends, try following what you know down in your core to be the truth and the true you and your true direction and passion in life. This is called your soul’s purpose. Even if you don’t believe you have a soul, which is fine, you have a purpose in life. Discover that, be true to yourself and do what’s right for YOU.

Surround Yourself with Positive People and Energies – the more you do this, the more positive your life will become because you are kicking negative, toxic people and their energies to the curb. I have personally done this by establishing a positive ring of fire around me. Inside the ring of fire is all that is positive and good. Outside the ring of fire is all the negative crap that cannot ever get past the ring of fire. You’d be surprised how this helps you maintain your positive energy environment.

Trust in the Universe and the Process – you know how sometimes the Universe feels stuck? Nothing is happening, everything seems to be on hold, nothing is moving. We could blame it on Mercury going into retrograde which certainly doesn’t help!! But this is a proven Universal thing. Sometimes the energy is simply stuck and not going anywhere. And then out of the blue things start moving, progressing, getting better. Without going into religious beliefs or consulting our astrologer, things happen for a reason, and they happen in their own good time, when the time is right. Trust in the process. Believe. Be Positive.

Your Business and Your Life Will Be the Success You Want It To Be!

Disclaimer: Although we created this graphic, the stunning image of the globe in the hand with the Universe background we downloaded from – a great source of amazing artwork of all types. 

Announcing Release of our Newest Free eBook Four Key SEO Points

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our newest free eBook, entitled Four Key SEO Points – What Every Business Owner Needs to Know!

While the book actually contains many more than 4 points, we have broken SEO down into four key areas. Makes the reading and absorption of the material easier.

All too often business owners think that SEO is some kind of a mysterious, cryptic science. They get taken advantage of by unscrupulous companies or individuals that charge a great deal of money and do nothing, or, reversely, offer free SEO services that do nothing but spam the business owners website out onto low quality directories or sites, thus costing you precious search engine visibility with Google.

Four Key SEO Points Free eBook

It is for these reasons that we wrote this particular eBook on SEO. Having been in the business for over 18 years, seeing trends come and go, seeing algorithms constantly changing, we have a good feel for what works and what doesn’t. Extensive experience with SEO and our passion for our clients to be found is what drives us.

We explain exactly what “SEO” really is in understandable terms, we explain organic SEO as well as SEM, PPC (pay per click), plus HTTPS vs HTTP and it’s effect on successful SEO. And then there is the takeaway page prepared just for you.

It is up to the business owner whether they want to try to tackle SEO themselves, and hopefully not set their website back with impractical mistakes, or whether they want to source out a professional to lead them down the road to success. The takeaway page as well as the rest of the eBook explains all in an easy to understand manner.

Click here to get your free copy of this helpful FREE eBook on SEO today!

Landscape Photographer Photography Website Design

Are you a landscape photographer? Need a custom themed landscape photography website? We design affordable websites on WordPress, Zenfolio and Squarespace just for landscape photographers complete with galleries and e-commerce capabilities for purchasing prints of different sizes.

Landscape Photographer Photography

Each website we design is custom designed just for you and the needs of your landscape photography business.

We also do website design makeovers, taking your current website and kicking it up a notch or two with a new fresh design.

In addition after the launch of your landscape photography website we also offer affordable website maintenance, social media marketing, search engine optimization - otherwise known as SEO, blogging, business cards, brochures and more.

Call or text us at 201.753.1677 to discuss your website design and development needs.

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