Are you thinking about starting an Etsy Shop, and want to hit the ground running with a shop set up correctly and attractive to buyers from Day One? Or, do you currently have an Etsy Shop that is underperforming and needs help to get up to speed to get you traffic and sales?

Maureen McCullough LLC offers Etsy Shop set up services for both types of Etsy sellers as noted above. We utilize our graphic design skills, expert SEO skills, content writing and editing skills, and our tags / longtail keyword skills to make your Etsy shop the best it can be.

Whether you have the Etsy standard shop subscription package or the Etsy Plus shop subscription package, we can help you get your new shop built or your current shop remodeled and up to speed.

What’s in it for you?

  • Expert graphic design to create your shop banners, as referenced in our Etsy Expert Guide to Branding on Etsy and Social Media.
  • We focus on showcasing some of your products in your shop banners where appropriate – including 4 carousel images for your Etsy Plus Shop.
  • Expert content creation – your Etsy shop description, your about the seller page, FAQ’s page, and your shop announcement.
  • Your product titles, descriptions and tags – will be reworked using your basic content to maximize their SEO visibility on Etsy searches and in the search engines.
  • We offer helpful photography advice if you feel you need it in order to take the better / best pictures that you can.
  • We set up a Google Analytics account for your shop and you are given full access. We also consult with you to explain this in simple terms that are beneficial to the shop owner.
  • We will set up a YouTube Channel for you if you are the type of seller who like to make videos. We will also help you with posting your videos on Instagram TV.
  • Extensive research is done on our part to ensure that the absolute best tags are used for your particular products.
  • Exclusive attention is given to your Etsy shop at every stage of the process, as we are well aware no two businesses or shops have the same requirements.
  • Your Etsy shop is treated as a website, giving you a full range of measures to give you maximum search engine visibility.
  • Optional social media and marketing is available monthly, for an additional fee. If you are not inclined to be active on social media this is extremely helpful.
  • We research social media hashtags for your social media posting as well.

Give us a call or text us today at 201.753.1677 or 201.523.4332 to schedule a free 20 minute Zoom consultation to discuss your Etsy shop needs.