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The Beauty of Geo Targeted SEO Search Engine Optimization

Geo targeted SEO, also known as location based SEO, or location based search engine optimization, allows you to get in front of your geographically targeted audience, which does not necessarily need to be local.

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This technique works especially well for service oriented businesses. You can reach a vastly wider segment of your demographic through geo targeted SEO than through traditional means.

This is uniquely helpful when offering a service that you can perform nationwide such as website design, marketing, tutoring, ESL (English as a Second Language), business consulting, start up consulting, resume preparation, secretarial services, virtual assistant services, voice lesson and vocal tutoring, etc.

All of these services can be performed remotely, many over Zoom, Go To Meeting or Google Meet. Hence no need for either party to leave the comfort of their home or office.

Combine the virtual meeting tools noted above with phone, email, text, chat and messaging, and the job gets done and done well.

Long tail keywords have become the de facto standard, voice search is on the rise, and geo targeted SEO contributes to this so that you can get your service out to millions of individuals who need your service and would otherwise never know you even existed!

Location based SEO is a powerful tool for the health of your online business. Location based searches carry a far more powerful punch than generic SEO as it gives you the luxury of virtually pinpointing any area that you want to target for potential clients and customers.

Your SEO can then extend itself to multiple locations either locally or nationwide. Think of the possibilities in growing your business and your reach!

Do you have a service based business that you want to expand to as many locations as possible in order to get the clients, close the deals or make the sales? Maureen McCullough LLC has been providing her United States and Canadian clients with location based geo targeted SEO for years now, making the client’s phone ring with potential business.

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