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Google My Business Reviews

Finally!! Your customers / clients are leaving you Google reviews!! How awesome is that? You’re finally beginning to boost your online credibility with 5 star reviews on Google. What’s next?

Well don’t get all comfortable basking in the 5 star review glow. There’s more you can do for your reputation management to soar. Listen up.

1 – You won’t always get 5 star reviews. Sure, one or two might be a disgruntled ex-employee or an internet troll with too much time on their hands. However, you may get a less than stellar review posted to your Google My Business Listing. Assuming it’s legitimate, you need to reply to it professionally, courteously and with respect. EVEN if it is not true!!! No shouting matches, no less than professional language either.

2 – For all the 4 and 5 star reviews you get, you need to reply to them as well. Saying thank you, it was our pleasure to be able to serve you, etc. goes a long way in the land of credibility online.

3 – Copy those amazing good reviews from your Google My Business page to your testimonials page on your website, leaving one or two on your website home page. Be consistent about this. As your business grows so will those wonderful reviews.

4 – Put a link on your website or in your menu called Leave Us a Review. Link directly to your Google My Business review section so your customers / clients can easily leave your business a review.

The takeaway from this little bit of effort on your part is excellent reputation management which in turn translates to internet credibility for your small business. Priceless!

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